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Experimental Web Client
try it out

Been putting this together. I'd like your feedback.

Launch Experimental Client

Click the button above and hopefully, you'll make it work. :)

I could do with a single line of input, but I love quick easy clients, and therefore find this really cool.
IE and Firefox should be more usable now. I was testing in IE9. Additionally, the input history will now use your browser's local storage, so it will survive browser restarts.

I am aware of some issues with the connection dropping and restarting. I'm investigating the source of this odd issue.

Loving the webclient.

Something changed: the login form used to take my player-character credential, and then load up the webclient for me with the moo all logged in and ready to go.

Yesterday that stopped working, now the form takes my credential and... Just sends me to the webclient with telnet up but no moo login.


Apologies for the bug. When I added the support for keeping your input buffer across browser windows / session, I inadvertently broke the mechanism needed for remembering your login information as well as auto-logging you in.

This bug has been fixed, though the username/password it was remembering for you had to be forgotten in order to make this fix happen. Don't worry, it'll remember your u/p for the next time -- it was just this once that it had to forget.

Please let me know of any issues, @bug them freely. :)

New Features:

- disconnecting is handled better, fixing a fatal crash

- button to save session as log file

- button to reconnect

- button to clean up all editor windows

Thanks, Johnny, for continuing to work on the web client. I am continuing to love it, as the best iPad client available - purpose-built M** clients aren't even as good.

As of today, something has changed in the web client though, which has made it quite a lot harder to use on iPad. I don't know about other browsers because I haven't been using it in other browsers.

The new effect is, the input field isn't fixed at the bottom of the screen anymore. It floats up, leaving a lot of useless space between the input field and the bottom of the window. There's not much room left for displaying the game text. I can try to make the inout field scroll down to the bottom edge again, but, it moves all over the place when I: Scroll up to see other text. Turn the onscreen keyboard on and off. Switch between windows. It's making the web client a lot harder to use, because I have to spend so much time moving the input field back where it belongs all the time.

Just thought you'd like to know. Thanks again!

Whatever was going on, it's back to normal now. If something got fixed, then thanks! Otherwise, FYI there's no problem.
A thought:

The "Unloading" alert prompt is kind of useless, plus it's redundant if someone actually uses the "Reconnect Now" button.

Mitigating ideas: Either eliminate it, or, place it with a confirm style prompt (yes/no) instead of something you can't do anything with other than click-to-proceed. Thing is, the only actions which trigger the prompt are deliberate use actions - the browser refresh button, or, the in-page Reconnect button. In the case of Refresh, I can see a non-confirmation being useful. In the case of Reconnect, by this time the connection is already dead, so there isn't anything to Undo or to alert about. Thanks for considering it!

Latest Changes:

- removed stray 'Unloading!' debug present in some browsers

- fixed saving as an html log (old logs can be fixed if required)

- fixed broken and missing command suggestions (aka autocomplete)

- enhanced suggestions, now custom for players, guests and admin

- press enter from the connect screen to jump right in


- You can now moo using SSL for a secure, encrypted connection

- Automatic shortening of long links via our shortener

- Command Hints can be turned off and on

- URL shortening can be turned off and on

- sped up rate of adding moo output to the display (i.e. faster scroll)

- sped up command hint appearance

- fixed bug with command hint sticking around

Both the main website and the web client now support https/SSL (secure) connections. Just go to, login should work as normal. When using the webclient, you can tell you're about to connect securely by the state of the lock icon next to the blue CONNECT button. Click it to switch to secure or back.


Input history is now improved:

- 2000 command history that survives disconnects and reboots*

- no more 'double up arrow' to get the last command

- moving into command history with typed but unsent input now allows you to return to the partial input

- down arrow when not navigating command history will clear partial input

* Internet Explorer users might not be able to take advantage of this. Sindome recommends a modern browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

It seems to be more responsive. Thanks for the update.
I've been using the shit out of the web client. It's pretty awesome. Thanks Johnny!
A small but important update for the web client with some fixes targeted at administrative users. Players might find the font choice useful though. All options are present on the updated Client Options screen.

* chose from 3 fixed-width fonts; Source Code Pro, Lucida Console or Courier New

* admin editing verbs can chose from over 20 syntax coloring themes


* bundled report, bug, idea and typo buttons under 'SUPPORT' dropdown button

* toggle auto scroll behavior with the new 'PAUSE SCROLL' button

* download your buffer at any time with a click of the new 'LOG' button

* clear your buffer after you download it (or when your boss walks by) with the new 'CLEAR BUFFER' button

Oh, and you can see the scrollbar now in webkit browsers like Google Chrome and Safari.

The client doesn't seem to work with the Surface Pro. Not sure if its a Windows 8 issue or the tablet itself. I tried on both IE and Chrome. Hit me up if you want to troubleshoot.
I love the web client. Always have. I've been using it instead of all the shiny programs i used to have.


Could it be possible to have a web client version that has a white background and black text ?

Some of us tend to sneak in a few hours of sindome during the working hours , plugging in while we are stuck in meatspace.

Having a black screen white white and red scrolling text is a dead giveaway we aren't working. Having a white screen with black text like every other page on the internet will make it less obvious. Maybe have a button that reloads the page with the new colour scheme ?

As a temporary fix, you could use Windows 7's magnifier accessibility program to inverse all of the colors in your display. This way, if the client is open in full windowed mode, it will look like a normal document/webpage at a glance. There may be another tool out there that provides this service in a windowed area only, but I haven't checked.
I would have to evaluate our entire use of colored text if I was going to create a stylesheet to adjust the colors. It might happen one day, but its not likely. Instead, I encourage you to learn some CSS and setup a User Stylessheet to override the colors. If you're using Firefox, the GreaseMonkey extension can help (but you'll still have to learn CSS!).