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Accents and Screen Readers
Local OOC and you!

Hello everyone! There has been a lot of discussion about accents and their effects on screen readers throughout the history of Sindome, but as a rule, we as a staff have opted to not police this topic. The reason being is that it is often themely for one to speak in an accent. It adds flavor to their character, and perhaps even more usefully, something to identify an antagonist by when dealing with conflict and intrigue.

While we have no intention of actively policing accents, if you are using one and someone asks you in local OOC to tone it down, please do so. Screen readers can often, at times have a tremendous amount of difficulty in parsing accents, and even beyond that, people whose native language is not English, or people with other obstacles may find your accent to be more difficult to understand than any level of immersion or enjoyment they gain from it can overcome.

So please, continue with your wonderful accents, bring that spice and variety to the game that we all love, but when someone asks you (politely) in local OOC to tone it down, be respectful of them and their request!