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Weekly Earnings Cap
automated jobs only

I've instituted a cap on the amount of chyen you can earn from the various automated ways you can make money. While there are a variety of money sources available, we don't expect every character to use all of them all the time. We'd rather have you roleplaying with each other, making money off each other.

When you reach your cap, you'll find that npcs start telling you to come back Friday. We recognize that everyone has busy lives and that the weekends are the most likely time when you might have the largest stretch of free time, so we've set things up to reset on Friday for the weekend.

Now, this does not impact salaried jobs (though collecting your salary will count against the cap), this does not impact the business you conduct as part of actual roleplaying with player and non-player characters. It is our hope that you see the automated sources of money as something to turn to only when you need to.

I believe I got the majority of the money sources I was looking for, but we've got a lot of sources and I may have missed some. If you come across something that you think isn't bound by this limitation, you need to report it. Not doing so may result in game suspensions or worse.

You are going to find this restrictive, you will begin to feel short of chyen. We're not trying to frustrate you, but if you're not struggling a little to make ends meet on Red, you're not getting the experience we set out to deliver. We hope you use this as cause to create conflict, to hurt each other, to scheme, to overcome this adversity.

Ooh, I bet I'm gonna hit the cap real fast. :D
Does this mean those of us who employ other characters, should report the amount they make? Or is it a reward for them RPing and making money?
It's not a cap on the maximum money you can earn in a week, just a cap on money from automated systems.
I didn't mean the kind of employment where you pay someone 500 Chy to run and grab you a pack of cigarette's. I meant actual employment. Where the person gets a weekly wage from you.
If your ability to fund others was based on automated money sources, you'll probably be affected, yes. Work with the GMs to find a way to transition your income. We want you to continue doing awesome things like that and if you were using the automated sources to cover a lack of a more legit source, there should be something they can work out with you.
So. What about people who make money buying/selling drugs. Purchasing the drugs takes up a fair bit of money. And whereas it would show you've earnt 1700 Chyen selling the vial of V-202 to Ganger Bill. You'd really only make 200 Chyen profit.

Or is it set up like this on purpose?

I don't think drugs alone are considered an automated job. Only the automated ways of making money off of them are.
This won't impact a sale you make to a puppeted (when the GM disables automatic responses ... ) NPC. If your financial success was based on thin margins of stuff sold to automated NPCs, this will impact you and that's unfortunate. Work with the GMs to setup an RP based arrangement is my best advice.
Strippers are now affected by the Weekly Earnings Cap.
I think.. that if you are manufacturing your own drugs and selling them to gangers than including them in this cap makes sense. In the way that forcing people to rp to make money makes sense, but that's a whole different point than the one I'd like to make.

I do think that (assuming you are buying stuff from market, or nice dreams machine or whatever) selling things to gangers shouldn't be capped simply because that's also putting a HUGE cap on how hard it is to get rep with gangers. Rep is quickly becoming a bigger part of the game, and I think that stifling it in any way is a bad idea.

I don't see it as causing a problem with Rep. You can still sell a decent amount to gangers in a week before you hit the earning cap. And Rep shouldn't be built overnight. It should take a way to get into a gangs good graces.
With regard to street sales (drugs, whatever else)

If there was a way for the *profit* to be applied against the cap rather than the entirety of the *revenue*, that would make more sense too.

I know that's probably impossible to implement. Getting an item for free or subtantial discount and selling it on the street is the same revenue but very different profit, compared to running to NiceDreams and back for a very modest markup.

But still. If it's intende to be a cap on automated *income*, it's a penalty to someone who has to spend money to make money.

Whoops sorry nevermind. I re-read the part above about working around this.
We all know that there is an OOC earnings cap. That once you earn X chyen from automated jobs you can't continue selling to NPCs or running crates or whatever. I personally like this. I think it is a good thing. But there is one aspect to this that I have seen that I very much do not like: how people refer to this cap ICly.

I'm sorry, but I really doubt that the gangs, scavengers, courier services, corps and bars are not sharing your earnings with each other so they can enforce an IC earnings cap. There is no IC earnings cap in my opinion. The ganger doesn't care that you made X chy from a topside courier service and earned X chy selling to a scavenger. They probably don't even know unless you told them.

Yes, we know OOCly that the ganger isn't buying your 'fancy cheese' because you hit the OOC earnings cap. But please just take the ganger at his IC word. Something like, "I don't want to buy from you right now but maybe later." Don't pretend he is telling you that it is because of some Dome wide conspiracy. Same thing with courier services. Take them at their word as to IC reasoning.

None of these NPCs are required to give you work. Just like your character can give PC Bob a job one day but decide they don't want to the next. So I see nothing strange with an NPC having work for you sometimes but not at other times.

If an NPC's response isn't good enough for your PC (as far as explaining why they aren't getting a job or making a sale), they are free to try to find out why that NPC isn't doing biz with them right now ICly by asking or something. I just don't understand how any character, outside of a conspiracy nut, would jump to the conclusion that all of these people are teaming up to enforce some strange IC earnings cap.

I've changed the line added to @stats in summer 2019 about your "automated income".

Moving forward, it will only show up when you've reached the weekly earnings cap. It'll instruct you to go roleplay to find more income. It doesn't reference automation anymore. The message will go away on Friday until you reach the cap for the next week, and so on.

You will only get the message a limited number of times before it stops showing up entirely.


I should note that if you've already reached the weekly earnings cap this week, you won't have the notice in @stats until you attempt something affected by the cap again.

The act of attempting to earn when you can't is what triggers the message now, not the act of exceeding the cap.