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Readabiliity Spacing
simple things ...

You've probably noticed some changes to the way things are reading.

When you look at someone, or at a room, things will be a little more spaced out, broken into paragraphs ideally.

These changes include:

- base description, head, torso and below the waist paragraphs applied to your description.

- seperate paragraphs for piles of things and people in the room

- a significant change to how we color the people in a room, no longer coloring your entire @look_place, but JUST your name.

Let me know your thoughts on these changes. I think the positive benefits outway the negatives (of which I share some).

Looks like nobody has responded yet, so being the generic cantankerous SOB around here I'll throw my thoughts out there. I haven't really had a good chance until now to get out and experience the new change and I have to say I'm not a fan. It seems incredibly awkward and inconsistent. If nothing is in a room we get the old description with no spacing and full colour in the ambient population line.

Now going to a room with people, that ambient population line is still there, however now it is a regular colour and anyone in the room is coloured. This seems to blend in more with the description and the weather. It doesn't stand out like before. Sure the person stands out, but are we not supposed to be taking in the whole scene?  In truth, I do find this somewhat easier to locate people, but this isn't a MUD where we need to know right away who is in a room to kill it. Either colour all of it, or remove the colour on the ambient in every other room.

I find the extra spacing very distracting. Sindome reads like a book to me, so placing that extra space in throws off the whole room description. Especially when there is an inconsistency when traveling to rooms which have nothing in them and no spacing. Walking down the street seems very odd, as the extra space to me implies a new paragraph.. a new section of the book. However, it is not.. it is part of the last place I was in and now that has merged to the new description.

I don't mind the character description so much, as some people do have pretty large descriptions that change quite often so this could make it a bit easier.

Going to add here that I did this testing with my alt, who I use differently from my admin. My alt has wrapping (@wrap) turned on, so maybe that's why it was more readable before. I can see how these changes could work better for people who have it turned off.

Hopefully this made sense as I haven't had much sleep and tend to ramble. What were the reasons for these changes anyway? Did I miss a bunch of posts complaining about the readability of the game? Doh.

Very valid points, I had no idea the ambient population line was still in full color in people-empty rooms. Thats what I get for testing only the positive state! :)

I made these changes because:

When I added color to clothing, it was to let you all share your style more as well as draw attention to and away from certain parts of the things you all wear. After some amount of my RP and watching when others were looking at the various individuals, I realized we were all speed-reading to find things we cared about. Guns, armor, maybe an empty holster. It's all easier to find and be noticeable when things are broken up into sections.

The changes to the room again about being able to notice things as well as knowing how to reference the individuals of the game. Your title is not part of your name and I kept seeing people try to use commands against your title, or your titled name (i.e. - Badass Johnny, or Badass, instead of Johnny). In the heat of battle, this can be the difference between life and death. This is especially true when someone is shrouded.

While I do indeed mourn the loss of that pretty mustard-colored line that people would scan to find the sentences that mattered, we already require that people consider the scene presented in the description above, so I don't think we're losing much except an accustomed style of how we present that line of text.

I'm not 100% satisfied with the spacing in the room descriptions. The idea is/was to improve the readability of the scene. Overtime, I plan to add full paragraph breaks in the description itself where its clear that the designer was presenting a new paragraph.

Another aspect addressed by changing the spacing is improving our support for screen readers that service our visually impaired players. :)

As far as reading like a book, exactly! The room title in my mind is the demarcation of a new section, not a paragraph break.

In summary, a wise creative director once told me, use the whitespace. And thats what we're trying to do!

Adjustments to room descriptions ...

- Fixed the ambient population line sometimes being colored.

- Moved weather description into the room description paragraph

- Moved seats and sit descriptions into the people paragraph so all people are together.

- Moved seeing people in neighboring outdoor rooms into the people paragraph so all people are together.

These changes also have the affect of turning a room into something more akin to paragraphs as well, enhancing the 'reading' feel.