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How To Submit A Good @Bug
Guidelines increasing the chance your issue will be fixed

Hi everyone!

Going through the bug backlog, I've noticed a lot of issues that have insufficient information in order for me to actually address them. So, like when I worked QA many years ago, I am passing on the knowledge of what makes a successful bug report.

When submitting a bug report, I have a specific set of information I am looking for:

1. What did you do. Step by step is best but it doesn't have to be. This should include what item you were interacting with, where you were interacting with it, and so on. As many details as you can provide as possible.

2. What you were expecting to happen. If it's obvious, this isn't always necessary but it can help a lot in contrast to..

3. What *did* happen, a traceback, item dupes, so on.

Most often, the reports I'm receiving miss details on step 1. If I just get two or three, and I use the command and it works for me, I don't really have a recourse to know what to do next.

So please, please, please include as many details as possible in your bug reports.

Thank you!