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Some of you may have noticed your recieving more information about your fatigue status in a growing number of locations.

You should know that there's no determental effects... yet. We're slowing rolling out the fatigue system, and we're watching it's balence and trying to get a feel for how it should work without actually imposing any negative effects on the players.

In the next few weeks, we'll be making some changes to it, so if it appears to be way off right now, don't worry about it to much.

After we've established a balance we'll make an announcement concerning when the 'detremental effects' will start to be put in, and how to cope with it so you'll have some time to play with it and get adjusted to the potential changes.

It's worth noting that our expectations are that you shouldn't notice it's effects under normal circumstances, meaning you'll never -have- to eat or do anything else to positively affect your fatigue. The flip side of that coin is thoes of you who think your super-human won't be any more unless you take specific measures to maintain your fatigue. Hopefully this will put an end to the 'sneaks all over the city while carrying 2 tons of gear and spars with his friend to near death and still has enough energy left over to whallop at fight night' syndrome.

This change opens the door for many things which we've wanted for a long time, and is designed to ultimately enhance your experience by providing more options and a more dynamic roleplaying situtation, and providing a more realistic environment without forcing you, the players, to worry about the 'nuiances of real life'.


Looks good, sounds good... Can't wait to get breathless...
Hmm..  seems cool so far.  But I think you should be able to see your own endurance when you use the "ht" command.

Of course, I'm not sure if you should be able to see other peoples'..  though I guess it -could- be possible.

ht's changed.

The new messages in ht and 'look me' are about your body's condition (at least, as far as you know. For all you know you could have a brain tumor and be feeling fine, but that's beside the point). They are not your emotional mood; it's your physcial disposition.

Feeling out of sorts? Lethargic? Try eating.

Eating not doing enough for you? Try eating healthier/better quality food. Or skipping the candy bar and pie after the spaghetti.

Or not carrying so much.

Or sitting down. Or resting.

But above all...

Think about how your going to roleplay how your body is reacting to your actions. The numbers arn't ready for you to start making hard conclusions yet, but eventually you should be tying this into your roleplay like you would your health. If it says your lathargic, move a little slower. If it says your feeling terrible, go see a doctor. Or complain about it. Or worry about it. Or make a point of trying to hide the fact your not doing so well, and failing.

There's no ill effects for letting them slip too far right now, but there will be soon enough, so it's best to start paying some attention to it.

Again, I stress that there's no requirement to eat on a regular schedule. In that same breath, I'll say there's also no way your going to be killing hoards of angry mixers with your bare hands after sneaking all over the city if your not eating and taking care of your body. This seems more than fair to me.

And it's subject to change. We're still playing with the numbers, and monitoring what's fair. Any and all suggestions and observations are always welcome!


(Edited by Kevlar at 11:03 pm on Sep. 12, 2004)

Are you guys still planning to go with that "automatic eating while disconnected" thing?  I remember it being mentioned in a previous thread about a setting that could be turned on or off from Apartments or cubes.

Just curious.

Probably not. The thought behind food at this point is that eating will help you recover from exercise more quickly. Not eating will have no penalty, but eating will yield a bonus.

That being said, we intend to make it possible for anyone to get a basic bonus from eating -something-. It may not be exactly appetizing, but it'll be basic sustainance available in a very simple form (similar to eating snacks at the bar).

I stress, it is NOT our intent for you to have to handle the mundane tasks of eating -ever-, meerly that eating the right thing will be beneficial.

Hmm..  so..  some foods will be better for..  certain things?..  or just that some foods will be better -in general- than others?

This is assuming that you're not considering the drug objects to be classified as food.  :P

Some foods will have better nutrional value than others, in a simplistic sort of way.
Intriguing.  :P

(I'm sure I'll think of some more questions later!)

It already made me free up some inventory space... And wonder about increasing strenght...
There's now some 'common man's fix' items for sale in the game now, cheap, quick, individually wrapped, and sold through local distributers close to your home for your convience.

Food is pretty much nutritional (respectively). Smokes and drinks now have their respective effects. Drugs are getting more and more attention.

I think it's time we start giving fair warning that in the near future we will start finding ways to make not paying attention to your fatigue very dangerous to your health.

Our goal here is to ensure that you remain able to do the things that you would normally do. The only time you -really- should be affected by fatigue is when your doing something other than walking around, going about your business.

Note, by 'going about your business' I don't mean shadowing all over town, picking your way through sewers, slaying rodents of an unusual size with your bare hands, and constantly tossing back nothing but martinis and bar pretzles.

Your comments up until now have been invaluable in helping us tune the system, and now we'd like to invite you to express any last concerns before we begin considering changing fatigue again to make it IC.


(Edited by Kevlar at 10:41 pm on Oct. 8, 2004)

I tested the new stuff in the following way :

Eat what is to be eaten and it improved my maximun rested value of burden one level.

I took the pills once and dragged a corpse untill I got down to active, and it took more time than normal, actually a lot more.

Then I took another shot of the pills and recovered in just over half the time it took me to get tired.

In overall it looks like it is working. Aside from that, i think that the same fadigue effect could be applied to other drugs (yes I read all your post) but with different levels of recovering bonus.

From what I understand fatigue is linked to or at least somehow correlated to sitting and resting. Now, unless I�m mistaken, you only get the �BobTheGoatNinja is sitting on the ground.� Message. But what if Goaty wants to sit on a car hood and rest? Or a beat up couch? Or a roof ledge? Or someones lap? Or a stair? Or a rock.. I guess those last two are �the ground.� Erm. Yesh. I�m done now.

Hence: Customizable sit messages!

Maybe this should go in ideas but keyboard navigating the BGBB is a bitch.

Maybe this should go in ideas but keyboard navigating the BGBB is a bitch.

Uhhh, you know you have a clickable bread crumb trail at the top, right?

I mean from any location on the site it's 3 clicks and a scroll to post a new message in the ideas forum...

Something I'm missing here?

Something I'm missing here?

Yes. My current lack of a mouse :biggrin:

though, damnit, i could have just used the @idea command ingame.


sit messages? :)


That would explain it.

There's a feature in Windows called MouseKeys which allow you to use your keyboard to nagivage your mouse pointer. It's generally used for the handicap, but it comes in pretty handy when your mouse cuts out, and there is no way to use a KB shortcut for your operation. You may wish to google for it...

Check the idea forums for the rest, as this discussion needs to get back on topic.


The fatigue system is now in full effect. You'll begin to see it getting in your way when you try to do just about anything. There is help documentation on fatigue too.
Your fatigue is no longer misrepresented in your @stats. Previously, it was grouped with the stats you have control over. Because its not something you have direct control over, its now represented where those things should be, at the bottom with other 'states' and as such, its only displayed if theres some reason you need to be informed about it.

this includes:
 - eating food
 - carrying too much
 - recovering slowly
 - being physically tired

Sweet, so gone are the days of actually running around in a full suit of Xo5 armor to hit the bar up.  Tisk tisk...too bad adminy folks, there goes one edge.
It is now possible to move around while completely fatigued. You will take considerably longer to do so, but you can still crawl from room to room. Note that it may still be impossible to crawl through auto-closing exits.

Speaking will now require a tiny amount of fatigue. This means that when you're exhausted and speak, you'll gasp and wheeze and so on. But, at least you'll get to speak. :)