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Expense Reimbursement Requests
Johnson!? Did you file your TPS reports yet?

We've needed this for several months now and I'm glad I was able to pull this together. It's really basic right now, but it should help corpies have better confidence in spending their chyen, knowing their boss has their back.

When you use your company's employment terminal, you'll find new options for both employees and management.


This will collect a description of your reimbursement reason, the amount being requested as well as a brief 'budget code' for your part of the company (ask your boss). example budget codes: VS-RND, NLM-TV.


View your requests pending review, those that have been approved and those that have been resolved (paid or denied).


If you have the management rights on the employment terminal, you'll be able to approve and deny reimbursement requests via this option in the MANAGE EMPLOYEES sub-menu.

Approved reimbursements should pay out when you're able to collect your weekly pay. Note I say should as I have yet to test the change to payout, so please report bugs if you encounter them. :)

All right! Time to show those filthy mixers who owns this city! Check out my NEW SWEET DIGS hey be careful with that it's company property
There is only one thing I see being a possible issue with this system. Management being able to cycle out huge amounts of chyen to themselves.

But I can also see the GM's countering this with ICC

That can happen in real life too! It is a crime called embezzlement! And it is perfectly acceptable to do crimes in Sindome if you're willing to accept the risks and consequences!
Topside/corporate "crime" is much welcome in Sindome. It's very CP. It's very Gibsonian. The original "New Rose Hotel" story and the Maas/NeoTek extraction/defection plot in "Count Zero" are the kinds of things which I hope Sindome can acquire flavor from.
I expect corpies to try and embezzle some cash into their own pockets...

I expect them to be very mad when we fire them and strip them of all their belongings before throwing them on the street when we ICly catch them...

I expect them to then go into a vendetta against Bob or whomever that snitched them and then try to get a job on another company to rinse and repeat.

I honestly didn't mean to put that extra zero on the form Sir...
And i didn't mean to call Corpsec on you , have them shoot you several times and throw your corpse off the premise. But here we are.
Yay, for gear for the mixers to steal from the corpies and watch them cry too their bosses!

Budgets are now here and are now tied in with reimbursements. When filing a reimbursement, you will need to use a valid budget code now.

If you have access to the Management Options menu on your corporation's employment terminal, you are authorized to request budgets and monthly funds for your divisions and secret projects. On the first of the month, your approved budgets will be replenished.

Before you establish your budget(s), you will need to open a business account for each budget at the Withmore Savings Bank (business terminal). You'll use the name of the account and your ownership to link the budget to the bank account when you request your budget. Note that approved budgets will not receive any funds automatically until the first of the next month.

When a reimbursement is approved, the bank account linked to the budget will have money withdrawn to fund the approved expense. If its unable to withdraw the funds, the reimbursement will not be approved.

Now you, too, can enjoy the heart-pumping cyberpunk action that is managing departmental budgeting for reimbursements on business-related purchases.

(Joking aside, these are cool new features that should lead to a wider and more themely gap between the haves and the have-nots. Great work!)

Oh the joys of management...

Will there be budget forecasting and bonus' based on a managers ability to keep there employees expenses within budget or under budget?