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discuss the changes to @stats

As you mostlikely know, @stats has been updated to show most of the information that makes up your statistics.

If you have a known realname, it is displayed after your character's 'common' name at the top.

Your character's key identifying characteristics are displayed next (including accurate height and weight).

[admin]They can ask you to change their weight or height, it's ok to do so, though I think only $Js can change the properties (.weight and .height) on them. The units are in cm and gram[/admin]

All seven vital stats are shown in unabbreviated form and next to that is your character's @face. We're currently pondering the idea of making your @face shown when someone looks at you, but I'm not sure about it.

The display of the skills has been cleaned up and the languages are now shown with the skills. They have their own 'word levels', but they make perfect sense.

There currently is not a way to change your languages, I'll be working on that soon.

I'm fairly happy with @stats as it is, so let me know what you think.

Thing thing that jumps up at me straight off, is @face...I mean, come on..that's just silly, I know it's always been there as long as I've been playing, but I'd been able to ignore it up until now.  

One of the things I've always liked about Sindome, one of the things that sets it head and shoulders above CS, is that it's so m uch darker, much fewer silly things...

But if everytime I check my @stats I'm doing to have to look at a ridiculous ascii art image, it immediately takes some of that edge away.

The rest of it looks good, but I've noticed that my desctription and @nakeds no longer match the information in @stats.

Is there a way I can change my build, height, eye colour etc. so I can fix this? It's the result of filling in details hurridly all those months ago when I didn't really know what I was doing.

I agree completely.  I don't like the whole @face thing.  It kinda looks funny.  It was good thinking but not it doesn't have all the different appearances that could be possible, because of the limitations of the keyboard.  Other than that I think the new @stats screen looks pretty cool.  Keep up the good work.
Yes, there is a known bug in char-gen dealing with the build,height,colors, etc.

Due to this bug, we will allow any player to submit a request to have them changed to the correct option.

Here are the possible values:

Hair Color

  1. Dark Brown
  2. Light Brown
  3. Black
  4. Red
  5. Dirty Blond
  6. Platinum Blond
  7. Auburn
  8. Strawberry Blond
  9. Other

Hair Style

  1. Curly
  2. Straight
  3. Bald

Eye Color

  1. Blue
  2. Green
  3. Brown
  4. Hazel
  5. Albino


  1. Midget
  2. Short
  3. Average
  4. Tall


  1. Thin
  2. Average
  3. Husky


  1. Chinese
  2. Japanese
  3. Korean
  4. Thai
  5. Indian
  6. Russian
  7. German
  8. French
  9. Spanish
  10. Portuguese
  11. English
  12. Norwegian
  13. Irish
  14. Scottish
  15. Danish
  16. Dutch
  17. Polish
  18. Balkan
  19. American
  20. Native American
  21. Mexican
  22. Canadian
  23. Central American
  24. Caribbean
  25. Brazilian
  26. Peruvian
  27. Argentine
  28. Columbian
  29. Chilean
  30. Ecuadorian
  31. South African
  32. African
  33. Tanzanian
  34. Aborigine
  35. Australian
  36. Samoan
  37. Islander
  38. Filipino
  39. Eskimo
  40. Antarctic
  41. Pakistani
  42. Afgan
  43. Israeli
  44. Turkish
  45. Arab
  46. Colonist

Oh, and the @face stuff is what we call 'filler' without, there would be a big empty space that would look really bad.

I agree, the @face is just goofy. There's just no way to make it look even close to your own character. I don't mind big blank spaces.

Otherwise, I think the new @stats is just plain bitchin' :biggrin:

Don't worry about us, just please yourself (no hidden meaning intended), that's all that matters.

If ye like the new @stats, don't change it :)

I would assume that when/if the Sindome Client meets reality then there will be the option of having a picture to substitute the anscii art.

WAAAAY in the future.

But i too think the anscii face is silly

Hmm, maybe the @face space could be reserved for a player to put a URL of a character pic instead?
Since it's text anyway..
No, that wouldn't work cause you'd have to break the url into multiple lines and that wouldn't make the link useful.
Could always make @face optional, put a toggle in @face (on/off) and convert it to a blank space for those who really don't want to look at it.

I've always viewed @face as 'unusual'. It's not really aesthetically pleasing, but it's a feature that's been around longer than I have, I guess now it's just been thrust into people's @faces *titter*.

Either that or put something alternative in there...
A list of group affiliations from the employment key?

I'm indifferent to it really, but since all player feedback thus far has been against... perhaps put it to the web poll?

Web poll is pretty much useless, cause people vote more than once. I know there aren't -that- many people playing the game getting high or back when it asked the favorite hangout and Javatrix kept getting higher and higher, despite the fact only about 5 people ever hung out there.

Use the MOO voting system.. players cast one vote and that's it.

require people to log onto the website in order to vote.
I like the toggle idea better, but hey what do I know?

Umm, is there gonna be a way to change descrips later, instead of filing for it?  Cause it's easier just to change your descrip, most people do n't type @proflie Dom to see yoiu everytime you walkin in , they do l dom, and skim, right?

Just curious

Otherwise great job there Jman

No, it will never be possible to change the information at the top of @stats on a whim.
No way to die your hair? or get contacts? I think that was one of my favorite parts of CS was the mod-shop.

I can totally understand the height and weight...Just because then we're getting into plastic surgery at a whole new level which will just make things confusing.

I wonder if Genetek would offer accesory coloring. y'know coming out of a vat your hair and eye color would return to that which you were born with, but could offer customized hair color or eye color.

You open your eyes to a flood of light and take a moment within the vat.  A synthetic voice can be heard all around you. Would you be interested in our hair, eye and nail aesthetics today?

You speak, "Y..yes."

"Please choose which accessory you'd like to change. head hair color, eye color, or nail color."

You say, "head hair of course."

"Please choose a color."

You choose, "Fusion Orange."

"Fusion Orange...color o25693. Would you like another accossory changed?"

You state, "No thank you."

The vat spits you out.


But I like the idea of a mod shop too :P

I think hair length should be changeable whenever...perhaps leave the type, curly or straight. And then allow for length to be edited freely. Long, short, bald. Style is then handled in the description.


Thats not changing on a whim. I was refering to being able change those like you change your desc.

[admin]Staff shouldn't debate in public forums, its bad form I think[/admin]

*masturbates in a public forum*

(private joke)

Aaah...gotcha. Misunderstood.

[admin]I see your point. BTW I can still see the admin stuff when I post a reply. it shows it in the posts below the reply box along with the other posts. I dunno if this can be corrected, cuz I'm sure players can see it too.  [/admin]

I was talkin more like what Monk was....You guys are busy enough as it is, and for the most part your gonna ok it, but I was talking strictly hair...Id idn't even think of eyes.  But the whole clone thing seems like a lotta work....I dunno...just how hard is it for joe smoe to grab a razor and shave his head or Jane doe to grab some GenTek blondifier, and die her hair?  seems like it's less time for y ou busy admin......

And monks right we can see that admin shit on replies.....

Yeah, the @face is gay.  Plain and simple.  Sorry, it just is.
Yes the face is lame. Yes its pathetic. But gay? Now, come on people that's just insulting gay people. Don't associate them with the face. They get a bad enough rap as it is.
I like my teeny tiny assci face. It''s something. Course, I have doodles and drawings of Nic by the grand masta as well as myself.


I just noticed that my weight and height are COMPLETELY has me as 185 cm tall wich is close, off by about 5-6 cm. But weight? MY GOD! It says Nic only weighs in at 36kg!?! that's only 79.2 POUNDS!! He'd be DEAD or DYING!

yes. I know. it's not finished. Don't mind me. I just am so close to 500 close...