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[Jan '21] Improvements Summary
So Much Good Stuff


There have been so many exciting changes this month! We know it can be a bit difficult to read, so here's a summary post. We invite you to share your feedback on your favorite new features or fixes.


Cyberware has had a lot of exciting changes this month, from cyber eyes providing a bonus to noticing things to entirely new cyberware. This month we've added the Midnight Mona, Synthbreasts, Cardioverter hands, cyber spine, facial replacement, the entire coprocessor series AND the holoprojector eye modules!

In addition, we've also added the @design system allowing cyberware customization for the first time in the history of Sindome AND revisited all existing cyberware to balance them with the introduction of cyberware CPU.

A big addition to the cyberware design system included the ability to change what the cyberware's exterior material is. Along with this a clear delineation of sensory and non-sensory exteriors -- with FleshRight(tm) being the ulitmate sensory exterior. Now you have to choose between being flash, and being able to feel things.

Cybernetics also got some bug fixes with surgery, bringing it in line with other commands balance-wise, and meta-fixes for the cyberware scanners.

On a high note, towards the end of the month we introduced the cyberware prices board to make it easier on career cyberdocs and customers alike.


Received a bit of love this month too, with many tools to help out the mechanic profession. This includes the recycling machine to reduce operating costs for mechanics, the new fleet monitoring screens, and the mechanics repair estimates command to help figure out what to charge for repairing a vehicle. Dashboard warning lights were a fun add too!

This includes the long-requested addition of skateboards and other unpowered mediums to the game such as wheelchairs, mop buckets, and more.

The addition of unpowered vehicles meant a substantial revisiting of vehicle code, and with it brought the ability to beat people with vehicles (skateboards), falling off roofs with vehicles, throwing vehicles, chuting vehicles, and more.


Had a lot of love this month as well, with many corpshare improvements (prizes!) and fixes, the introduction of a new long haul courier, and custodial jobs & blood messes.


As we all get older, our bodies change. Sindome is apparently no different, with the addition of the 'face' body location. This was a monumental effort. With it, the introduction of wheelchairs (and mop buckets!) as we rebalanced and repaired the consequences for missing limbs. All of this in preparing for exciting future changes, partially hinted by the introduction of the sever limb command.


Forensics got some love this update with the introduction of bloody messes, which add value to crime scene investigation. Along with it, the introduction of the tailoring @tread command for narrowing down perps. Disguises are all the more important, even footware. And you can search for things hidden behind stuff like the new condom machines. There are even new character's that will sell you a gun, no questions asked!


There are a lot of changes that were connected to the above changes but don't quite fit in those categories.

The introduction of pushable vehicles meant needing to change some room commands that contained 'push' in them, as such elevators, jacuzzis, and more were updated to use different verb names.

WJF helmets were changed with the introduction of faces, channels received some loved for convenience (@xsilence all > @xlisten last), and puppet analytics were introduced on the admin side to improve our tracking of game state and quality in line with our core values.

Fall damage was updated now that our game world is so much bigger. NPC and chatter updates improve passive world ambience.

The Maps on the grid were updated for the first time in more than a decade!


This has been an exciting and incredibly busy month. We're very proud of what we've managed to accomplish, but we don't want you to think this is a pace we intend to maintain. The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long and in our experience, coders function a lot like candles.

We hope you can see where we're taking things feature-wise and we hope you like it! We're just as excited as you guy to see you enjoy our work. The staff team is super appreciative with the support, laughs, and fun you the players have shared with us. We hope the love we pour into Sindome makes a better game for all of us, and we're committed to making 2021 the best year yet.

Game on, folx.

Here's the full details on all 69 new or changed gamed features!

And leave your feedback here.

(Edited by Johnny at 2:29 am on 1/31/2021)