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You gotta ask yourself one question... I feel lucky?

Maybe this would be against the grain for how luck is supposed to work, but would it be possible to have a settings list of things you do and don't want luck to hit on?

I can't go into specifics here, as it would leak IC info, but sometimes you can get your luck drained for something completely useless when it would be really nice to have it saved for things you want.

Pretty please? With soyonuts on top?

Why not just use @luck?
Very easy to forget when it's on or off. For me at least, I forget all ze time until it's too late.
I've always seen that as a feature, not a bug. Personally.
Not saying it's a bug, just asking for an additional feature if it's even possible to be coded in.
Set an OOC timer?

I feel like being able to enable and disable it is already kind of odd:

It's not IC to @luck on and off.

When you do, you're lucky or you aren't.

I guess I don't feel like much of a fan of expanding this as an OOC tool.

Maybe set yourself an OOC timer when you enable luck?

Usage of @luck is definitely intended to be a player-skill thing by appearances, though I am less a fan of how efficacious it is even at extremely low investments.

I feel like luck could use a mechanical balancing pass at some point in the future.

Sindome, as I've come to learn, is a game about spatial awareness. Among the things the world doesn't spoon-feed to you is...

- Being aware of SIC outages

- What you're holding in your hands

- What's in your inventory

- Whether you're about to spill a drink with freehands

- Whether you've had a good meal

- What your health is like

- Whether you're drunk or otherwise intoxicated

- Who's in the room around you

- Who's nearby

- What everyone else in the room is wearing

- What everyone else in the room is holding

- Whether or not you're feeling like luck is on your side

...and so on.