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XHELP name change

I know I am not them only one who has had a brain fart and thought, 'XHELP, that's the channel where we ask for help', and then posted something sensitive to XGame. It occurred that perhaps renaming XHELP to something like XSTAFF would help prevent careless errors.
I think you're going to get these kinds of errors regardless of what you call the channels, and changing the channel names that (I presume) have been used for a long time will likely cause more problems than it fixes.
Perhaps a confirmation that reads the message back to you and asks you if you would like to send the xhelp (y/n) would help here.
That's a brilliant idea. Especially since the current xhelp doesn't automatically show you an echo of what you sent. Unless you have the echo setting enabled, you'll get a response from Staff in reference to a message you forgot the details of.
Except that in order to prevent the problem that the OP described, the y/n check would need to be on the xgame channel, not xhelp. I think that would really slow down some of the xgame conversations.

The bottom line here is you're trying to build a guard against human error. To an extent that makes sense, but when it goes to far it becomes an impediment to normal functions. At some point, you just have to live with your mistakes.

More or less what Blackbird said. The thought here is XGame is a channel about help but XHelp is a channel for contacting GMs, so why separate XHelp to a term that clearly indicates staff.
If Xhelp were called Xstaff, there'd probably be a lot fewer mental mistakes.