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Writing on finished documents/photos
Signing, autographs, notes, etc.

I don't know if this is mechanically possible, but I think it would be nice to have a means of adding a short message, perhaps just one or two lines of text, to "finished" items such as letters, flyers, photos, etc. The main purpose I see here is for adding a signature to a document or autograph to a photo (any fans want a signed photo of a favorite artist?), or possibly adding a brief note or message (scribble something on the back of a flyer?), though I'm sure others will come up with other uses.

What I envision would be pens or other writing implements being added to the game, and they would have the function of adding a 1-2 line message to existing documents - maybe it's signing on a dotted line, maybe writing in the margins, etc. (possibly with the option of adding more lines on a blank back).

Additional functionality could be to create a "signature" command, that would automatically add a character's name or other custom signature/autograph to a document. This would be something that would be authentic and unique to the character, so for example it could be identified as actually being signed by a particular celebrity. At the same time, means could be added to forge such signatures, and forensics skills could be used to identify a forgery from a real signature.

If this additional functionality is possible, i.e., verifiable signatures, I think it opens up some interesting possibilities. Signed documents can be created and/or forged, they can be used to enforce contracts, autographed memorabilia can become high-priced collectors items (and likewise spawn a black market of forgeries), coded messages can be scrawled on flyers for those who know what they mean, etc.

Again, I have no idea if this is even possible, but it's just something I thought of that I feel would be a useful RP piece.

Photos have this ability already, and it's great. It would be pretty cool to expand the 'label as' functionality to artwork, though.