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Wrist Quickterm
It's like a term, but it goes on your wrist

Y'all ever play Fallout? The pip-boy was the coolest part of it. Now imagine that but it's a Quickterm, and it goes on your wrist and you can remove it as you like. Literally the next frontier in portable computer technology. NLM get on this.
I know this is an alternate timeline but I am surprised no phone can browse the grid.
I am Kisaki and I approve the wrist term.
Obviously Grid 3.0 will surely come with many new and exciting NLM products to allow you to browse the Grid on the go.
The reason there aren't a lot of convenient wearable tech items is to balance things out for pickpockets. Quickterms/LiteTerms are a solid dip for most - until certain items can be lifted while worn I am skeptical this will become a thing.