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Who's looking at you?

Shouldn't there be a way to determine if someone looks or keeps looking at you while in character? Something like 'you feel X looking at you from the distance' or 'you notice X watching you' when someone looks at you? This all being dependable on PCP rolls and the location. Flashing lights, being in the dark and the likes affecting these rolls, naturally. Ain't sure if this is already been a topic before, didn't find anything with a quick glance.
I would enjoy and hate such a feature personally.
Some MUSHes have this, and on fingers too. I'm not sure it matters here. People looking at other people, pose that shit, don't be lazy.
This is why I always pose licking my lips and grunting while staring at people, it's called good RP folks get into it.
Having seen this abused as an excuse to pick fights / initiate PVP on other M*'s in the past, I'm strongly against implementing it here.

Like @MirageGM said, just pose it and don't be lazy.

It's also often necessary to re-look at people, sometimes many many times, when there is a lot going on and there is a novel of description to go through. I think it would be awkward and weird to get told on and people would just avoid reading descriptions at all... moreso than they do already anyway.
Conversely, how many of you have been given a hard time for NOT looking at someone?

C'mon, if you want them to NOTICE your new tat/clothes/haircolor/hickey, POSE that shit! Don't start a fight over it if you didn't, and they didn't.

Especially if you're one of the offenders behind 0x11's observation: There's a reason people avoid reading descriptions.

Notification for 'looking' doesn't seem too useful to me personally, but noticing when you're being watched would be!
Sounds like a great use case for some tertiary chrome that might be an extension of some of standard cybernetics.