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Who is there?
@shortdesc while hiding in the shadows

After having an RP scrutiny check with a GM regarding an IC situation where my character thought that they*saw* something that they were *not* supposed to see and to avoid further misunderstandings like this in the future for other people as well, I would like to suggest the following idea.

When someone is emoting, talking, whispering and doing actions from a hiding spot where you *can’t* see them, you should not get to *read* those messages or if you do because they are interacting directly with your character, that you get a message like ‘someone says X’ or ‘someone does X’ instead of getting their short description, because you aren’t actually being able to see them. Playing Batman is *cool*, your @look_place already changes when you are hiding so, maybe your @shortdesc can change too.

Thanks for reading.

I don't get what the misunderstanding was.

You thought you saw something you weren't supposed to? But got told by a GM that it was okay after all?

I think that people who *do things* from stealth shouldn't be surprised at the consequences (people know they're there, they might even recognize who it is).

If you're saying the MOO isn't operating in a way which matches what a GM told you your character is supposed to be able to perceive, that's a bug, not an idea.

The admin team talked about this. There will be changes.
stealth is weird like that.. I always have a hard time figuring out if I'm RP'ing it properly, either doing it or reacting to it.

What gets me is that stuff *does* echo when you're stealthed and that doesn't break it. It seems like if you're generally manipulating things in a room 'stealthily' I shouldn't realize that you're doing anything.

Also I hate feeling like 'that guy' contacting admins to be all, "so someone seems to be in this four by four foot closet with me, pinching my ass repeatedly, but I can't find them.. this feels wrong is this wrong?"

Come on out of the closet. You know you want to.
I do and I will.. o O ( after I find whoever keeps grabbing my ass.. I'll stay in here until I pass the check or one of us starves to death, don't test me.. )
If you see someone do something in the room but you don't see them then YOU KNOW they're there and you can discern they're doing something.

Like Linekin said though we're making more actions like wear/remove armor for instance, you can literally change your entire wardrobe without breaking stealth. That's stupid and it won't be the case anymore.

But yeah, if you see the messaging of an action, don't let a player tell you over OOC that 'you don't know i'm here." because they're just powergaming and it's bullshit.

There have been changes.

Staying hidden is a lot harder than it used to be, if you try to do stuff while hidden. We're likely to make it even harder, too, as we identify more actions which should logically cause your presence to be noticed.

Be free to suggest actions which you think should "break stealth".
On the topic of Stealth... I feel like if you are actively 'watching' someone they shouldn't be able to slip into the shadows on you while still in the same room.

I can understand that to some degree, but there're things that can help with distraction so you lose track of the person. Not just with the number of bodies, but also the person's own skills. Using the surroundings to help people lose track of you.

I remember in Ninjas and Superspies, there were certain ninja-like abilities that you can use to distract, roll, and poof.


I can understand clothing to some degree but where lighting a cigarette can bring you out of stealth or at least draw attention to you in a way, I'm not sure that slowly removing a jacket would bring you out of hiding. Depending on where you are at least.

If someone doesn't want to be seen, and goes to hide in a building's crook or behind trash to remove something (same MOO room), or put something on, so most don't see you, can that be possible? some might notice but most wouldn't? Like most people didn't notice Clark Kent going into a phone booth and Superman coming out.

Just bouncing around ideas.