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They're not just for the bedroom, anymore

This is my character in the future, but she needs this whip, a la shadowrun, to make it happen:

Might be OP, but it would be pretty badass if high-grade whip in hands of a high-skill user could be used to grapple, trip or maybe even disarm opponents on a critical success.

Dont want this to die without comments because whips are CP and cool.

I've asked around ICly about these and have been told they aren't manufactured in Withmore, but my sources could be wrong. I've only been around a month so If so, sorry for the redundancy. Here's what I was thinking:

Weapon: Cyber Whip

Weapon type: Ranged.

Variations: Monofilament whip, Monowhip, Cyberwhip

Modifications: Hardened filament, electrified filament, improved grip, razor filament


-A melee weapon used as a ranged attack.

-Useful for keeping distance between yourself and melee opponents.

-Uses cutting damage and effects

-Can be used to grapple, disarm from a distance.(Dedalus).

-Can be modified to be stronger, sharper, steadier to hold onto, or to electrocute your opponents.

-May someday be like the NAILZ implants. More cyberware is good.


-Useless in Melee/hand to hand combat. Might as well use a Prog.

-Can be disarmed by a quicker/stronger opponent if used to disarm/grapple. They can basically turn the tables on you.

-Make the modifications illegal. More RP. More consequences if caught with them.

-Make them expensive, too.

-Yes. I'm aware this is a little passe and cliched, but retro can be refreshing, too.

As far as I know there is no real distance fighting, short of shooting down into a nearby room. So this would need to create a whole new meta and probably rework most of the combat code.

Without that, I am not sure how would they fit in. Cool for sure, but which skill do they fall into? What stats etc?

Honestly...this is kind of...eeeh. They're really not practical enough to make sense IMO, as well as not fitting in much. The extent I would say would be worth doing or cool is like. Add a mid-high tier melee weapon that's a shortened leather bullwhip or something.

Or sell functionless switchwhips in the phallus palace.

If you really want to use a whip-like weapon for your character, I recommend going melee and utilizing the chain. I think a cybernetic melee weapon -should- definitely be added to the game but probably need to see more people using melee as a skill before that becomes worth the GM effort.
Oh yeah the chain is a thing. I would agree with that for sure. Whips just seem kinda...out there. Not that weird easily broken superkatanas aren't, but they just seem off for the atmosphere.
Disarming and grappling would *definitely* be a bit OP, I think, though it's a cool idea. I agree they'd probably function better as a straight melee weapon for a bit of flavor.
A cybernetic whip would be sweet akin to nails and knuckles for melee users.
+1 to grizzly. We need more roboparts yo
An implant like nailz would be aces but I gotta agree that it being able to disarm grapple people etc. is too much. More chrome is always great.