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Weight and height
Conversions, specifically


This is entirely minor and quality of life, so I honestly don't expect a lot from this post.

Okay so, I've noticed that height and weight is done in CM and KG measurements. Which is fine and all; After about two years I'm used to it.

But, could we possibly get the ft/inches and lbs conversions put next to the measurements in brackets for sheer simplicity. It's a tad annoying having to convert it all the time, even if it is a few seconds of work per character.

Furthermore, I know these are randomly rolled with preset minimum and maximum rolls, which determine your shortdesc message as well (I believe), but in chargen, the ability to finetune our weight/height would also be appreciated. It could even be an additional option with some limitations to what can be inputted, alongside the current system we have for it.

I kind of like the fact that it's in cm/kg. Withmore isn't the united states, why would Withmore use the imperial system?
Why does the UK, despite the fact we're meant to?

It's moreso for conversions, since most people use ft and inches/lbs in char descriptions and stuff, hence why I suggested having them alongside each other, rather than completely replacing them.

Please with the fine tuned height. I'm listed as 5'4" because I selected average height considering it covered 5'2". Now I'm in this weird situation of my stats not matching my description and I've RP'd too much to change it.
You should change your description & RP to match your stats as they improve or decrease for whatever reason, otherwise you are cheating.
I made the same mistake, due to a miscalculation in the conversions; took me a couple of months to realize it, Xhelped, had to fix it.