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Watches should show the date

Straightforeward, simple, easy, intuitive.
Maybe the better watches only? It's already too easy to just use the crappy one.
This may actually already be a feature.
My good friend Necronex666 may actually be speaking the truth.
All watches. It's not some kinda secret, you can go buy a 2 dollar watch at wal-mart right now that does. 80 years in the future it's a luxury?
All watches. It's not some kinda secret, you can go buy a 2 dollar watch at wal-mart right now that does. 80 years in the future it's a luxury?
I think that's just to give people reasons to not run around using a digital watch all the time, Jotun. It's a plastic piece of shit that nobody should want to use anyway.
Just like having a phone with caller ID is luxury 80 years ahead, it is what it is. Or having a home calendar that is not extremely crappy and noisy is also not cheap. Ya want good, ya pay for it, keeps driving the conflict.
While I understand what you are saying, it doesn't make my double post that I don't know how to delete any less true.
Rolexes already show the date.
Sindome can't and doesn't want to accurately model real life. It is a game that roughly models Cyberpunk fiction. So some things just work differently in Sindome that in our everyday lives. It's why a pickax costs so much and why some things we see as simple every day things are 'advanced features' characters have to pay for. Does it match our reality? No. Does it make sense for an online text based PvP Cyberpunk RPG? Usually.
So what you're saying is that in cyberpunk fiction pickaxes cost 3 weeks pay for most people, and knowing what day of the week it is is a luxury. Just to clarify.
It absolutely is! For mixers there are free alternatives to find this stuff, there are places where you have holocals mounted and can get the date off, as, for time, there are those plastic cheap watches that, more or less, keep the time. When they work.
I'm a huge fan of cyberpunk fiction. I could go on and on about the books and movies I've consumed. Could you please refer me to this fiction you speak of because I'd love to partake and it doesn't really fall in line with what I've already seen.
I am saying that this is a -PvP game- that tries to drive a Cyberpunk fiction feel. So yes, pickaxes can cost three weeks pay if it provides balance and variety.
Sindome is just right here, and it's own blend. The whole thing is about struggle between those who have, and those who do not. You can buy a roller for 1-2 weeks worth of wages and be a walking calendar, go for it, or you can be in the have-nots, wear cheap plastic trash and complain about having to walk to the gate to find what day is it.
I don't disagree that the people who control this game can do whatever they want with it. All I'm saying is if you are going to try to veil it in the guise of cyberpunk fiction, do you have any refrences?
This game? I don't know if there is some external lore for it, but then there is no cyberpunk committee, anyone is free to write it in any way they want.
I am not saying that the cheapest watches don't show the date because Gibson or Stephenson or Dick or Morgan or Wagner did the same thing in one of their books. I am saying that some elements of Sindome are the way they are because it is trying to model Cyberpunk fiction and some are the way they are because it is an online PvP RP game.

Beyond that, Sindome is it's own take on the Cyberpunk Genre with it's own lore and history. So we have no reason to do things the same way some other Cyberpunk setting did or does it. I have no interest in engaging in a Cyberpunk lore dick waving contest for every change we might or might not make. Just not going to do it.

If we have different levels of a type of item we want there to be reasons why you might want a more expensive model over a cheaper one. This is a simple way to make that more expensive watch more attractive to your character. So it is fine as is.