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Watch direction
because who doesn't like staring at the distance?

In my short time in Withmore I've found myself pretty often spamming the 'look direction' command. Be it checking for pursuers; eyeing doorsways or peepholes for people soon to enter or pass by; or idly staring down a roof.

So watching a direction might be a practical thing, saving many a lot of typing (and the servers and admins a lot of spam)

It could be displayed like on the monitors and eventually decrease your ability to grasp what's happening in your block/room because of your shifted focus (and eventually make it regulated by your PCP level.)

This would be quite useful for surveillance. It can be quite frustrating having to wait an hour for someone to show up, only to have them slip by, because you didn't look in a certain direction. I also believe it would add to a sense of realism.
I've thought exactly this same thing, I'm all for this...
Particularly for snipers.

But yes, looking out a window and watching what's outside is handy. Unless windows can be made so we sort of see what's going on, who's walking past, without having to watch it.

I'm familiar with a window that used to do this but stopped. Not sure why. But being able to 'watch' in a direction would be useful in a variety of RP instances / circumstances.


It would be neat if it started doing this automatically once your Perception got high enough - you're so eagle-eyed that people can't even pass through adjacent rooms without catching your notice.
I like the idea of watching a direction and it playing off your perception. I don't agree with your perception automatically notifying you, I think it should always be an active thing. If you aren't actively (at least ICly) watching it should go unnoticed. The ambient population is entire too vast for it to be an automatic thing.

As far as watching an exit goes. Based on the level of perception, maybe you get a detailed idea of who it is (Ugly guy wearing Du-wear pants (player name) walks past the nth exit) for who it is. On the flip side, if your perception doesn't pass the skill check you get a disguised version (a shadowy average man walks past nth exit) or nothing at all if your perception is really low.

I like the idea of cyberware rather than stats supporting this.
+1 to the overall idea and the idea of high perception POTENTIALLY giving glimpses of what is going on in adjacent rooms.
Would this idea be meta as one room can count as a lengthy section of a street? (Also, if so, does that mean spamming 'look east' in an adjacent room counts as meta?)

If 'no' to all of the above, I think the idea of typing "watch east" and noticing players that pass by is useful to eliminate spamming the moo with "l e". Probably, besides basing on perception should also consider the type of room (e.g street, apartment complex, store, alley etc.) Anyways, just wanted to see if this might be considered to add into the game.

Also link to another topic with the same idea:

Looking forward to this if ever this will be implemented or coded.
There are already solutions IG for doing this that require an investment worthy of the power that gives you. Besides that, if you aren't alert enough as a player to keep checking the exits then your character shouldn't be either.

If someone isn't expecting trouble or being distracted they won't be constantly eyeing the door. If it's just a matter of typing 'watch direction' then everyone will do it every time and any amount of trying to get them to let their guard down for IC reasons won't help you get past them. Which is lame.

Great idea, always tried 'watch direction' in case this was already a thing. I agree with a few of the nay-sayers in that this could be potentially OP with everyone just looking out the door.

A potential solution would be that your TP gets changed to "Steve is watching out the north door" and that character receives says/poses/actions at a vastly reduced rate of accuracy (likely based on perception/agility), maybe to the point where all says are reduced to the equivalent of a whisper and whispers aren't noticed at all. Probably put the character at a disadvantage for combat too.

Basically, if you're invested in the next room, you should suffer in the room you're in, but that shouldn't mean that you can't stand by the door and keep a look-out.

There are items and cyberware designed specifically for this functionality and adding the ability to execute said functionality out of the mill would make this item or cyberware completely useless.
Without knowing much about game balance, I would rather see said cyberwear simply enhance this functionality. Maybe it allows you to watch several rooms down (as opposed to a single room normally) as long as you have line of sight (like down a road). Perhaps it increases you chances of noticing something. Perhaps it allows you to do this using thermal vision or something and be more likely to spot stealthy people hiding in shadows.

Like I said, there may be good game balance reasons to limit this to cyberware only. And there is always the question of whether this is more deserving of staff man hours than other things. But this wouldn't be the first time chrome is used to enhance already existing abilities.