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War Stories IC
Experiencing Past Characters Through Simsense

To start, love the new war stories rule. I've got a few fun ones myself I've thought about sharing one day when my current character dies (being that they are currently the last alive of a handful of stories).

That said, I was thinking about a way to implement this ICly in more than just a, "telling at the club" kind of way.

And it hit me. Simsense.

What are people's thoughts on telling war stories ICly through simsense? Basically what I envision, is a revised game log of an event. A player with the log of their character's experience, can work with a staff member to edit it for like...emotional content and things like that (can explain in further detail), then inject ICly for view via Simsense.

Conversely, we can bypass the edits regarding enrichment of rp by adding additional emotions (like making a viewer feel things the player originally didn't rp to themselves, etc.). At the very least, though, we can get submit them to staff after editing out echoes for commands like "look me" "glance me" "@stats" and the like. Distill it down into a purely rp experience without the kind of OOCish commands that can ruin that for a Simsense experience.


I don't think StimSense is ever going to be finished.
*clutches chest* "Why must you break mother's heart?!"
The coder who was creating SimSense isn't on staff anymore, and they were the one who was driving the idea and knew the code behind it.
That's a shame though, if true. I saw a lot of potential in turning logged events into IC data. It would create an entirely new market if we could eventually develope it beyond old war stories.

People that were present at x event could take a payout to record their memories to simsense.

It could revolutionize detective work in a very cyberpunk way that already exists in other games/shows.

Could be a new form of psychological warfare (Ala cyberpunk edgerunners).

It could become a means to extort/blackmail/expose etc. I see crazy amounts of fun in all of that. But I guess shelve this for when/if simsense makes a debut.


Didn't realize that. Bummer. :(