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Waived Door Fees and Shroud Lyfe
I Don't Want to Shroud and Tell

So you get chummy with your favorite club or bar and they're all like, "Yeah, choom, I'ma get you that free pass to come into the place."

You're all like, ah hell yeah. You come in to drink, chat, whatever. Null sheen.

But then you're rolling in there for some biz on the lowdown with your chum and...the door person recognizes you in your shroud? So your fee is waived. No bueno imo.

Anything we can do about that?

You used to be able to use the sleaze command while shrouded too, which was absolutely hilarious.

I agree with you Ratchet, I think if you are wearing an -active- disguise that you should be treated as any other member of society for door fees and the like.

You can still sleaze them too. Heh. Like...

"Sup choopachumbra? Just a innocent ol shroud here trying to get a drink. Ain't no thang here to fear. Just gemme on past the gates and we goochiesheen, wizman mano?"

"Fuck off."