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Vehicle Upgrade Parts
just some idle ideas

Yeah yeah, another RSB vehicle thread, sorry.

Anyway, I was pondering on some additional upgrade parts to fill some of the unused mount points and fulfil some roles that i don't know of having any sort of IC means of accomplishing the the moment. Please feel free to add your own suggestions here!

Car parts

Front Mount Point

Badlander Action Parts Faraday Shield

A faraday shielding that is installed on the front mount point, the shielding provides protection against the effects of an EMP against a vehicle. While the initial blast will still kill the engine, it can be quickly restarted. The shielding does not however protect the vehicle's security system, so owners are advised to move out of the affected area quickly, lest their doors be unlocked for them.

Rear Mount Point

Street Ninja Stealth Muffler

The Street Ninja Stealth Muffler is so effective at masking the exhaust note of a vehicle, that not only is it impossible to tell a vehicle is running at a glance, but it's possible to completely miss one even driving through the same block as you.

Roof Mount Point

Badlander Action Parts Light Bar

A high intensity light bar mounted to the roof of a vehicle. The collection of spotlights aim in every direction, not only lighting up your immediate vicinity, but all adjacent areas as well!

Bike Parts

Motorcycle Fenders

SHI UrbanLight Fenders

Much like the SHI UrbanLight side panels, these fenders provide street glow illumination. Available for both the front and rear fender!

Motorcycle Fairings

Badlander Action Parts Drop-Tanks

While they don't actually drop off, these motorcycle fairings do perform the same function. Each fairing increases the fuel capacity of the motorcycle it is installed on, without adversely affecting the stylings or aerodynamics of the bike.

Motorcycle Transmission

SHI Tall-Geared Universal Motorcycle Transmission

Motorcycle Transmissions are normally geared short to maximize acceleration, but the SHI Tall-Gear line is designed to keep your RPMs lower longer. Equipped motorcycles don't accelerate as quickly from a stop or going around turns, but fuel economy is dramatically improved!

I like it, sans the Faraday cage. I don't think there's nearly enough counterplay to vehicles as it is, something we've discussed in the past in other threads.

I think fuel tank customization would be a no-brainer too. Start stock, with the option to go big or bigger? I think if you want to get a fuel miser and spend 30K filling the tank so you can drive around like an absolute lunatic all day and night, you should probably be able to.

Heated Grips or off-season tires for cars/bikes for those crappy drivers out there when inclement weather strikes.

A PacWest in the dashboard with a whip antenna and complimentary trucker's cap is sorely needed.

Some kind of sound system upgrade that lets you emote a canned music emote loudly outside your car. Maybe make it so you can pick from like one of ten 'songs/beats' so gangers can blast their Ashlin, Sinn and Fuller turf BEATZ on rival turf to get them riled up.

WJF cruisers absolutely need a woop woop siren that uses 256 colors to flash us with the red and blues. (just an enhancement of existing equipment, really)

SmogMaster 2K for 'rolling dirty' through gold and green. Flip a switch and it'll blast humongous clouds of gnarly black smoke out.

I like most of this stuff and it doesn't seem too balance breaking
Oh, man. Being able to smoke stack it would be awesome.
I like it, sans the Faraday cage. I don't think there's nearly enough counterplay to vehicles as it is, something we've discussed in the past in other threads.

I had a lot of difficulty writing this one for that very reason, but there is an important balance mechanic outlined in the description that I think might make vehicle interplay more feasible. An equipped vehicle that is EMPed acts as if it's security system is broken.