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Vehicle Suggestions

Being a transporter in Sindome is a great experience, and I am infinitely thankful to the staff for implementing such a cool feature and helping me out with it. The following are suggestions of ways to improve that experience, and why they would be worth implementing. They're in approximate order of importance.

1. Vehicle poses

I think that driving a vehicle should allow you to do a special kind of pose using said vehicle, viewable by people outside. For example, %V revs it's engines, or %V pulls up next to the Orifice. It's already been pointed out that some people would use this to do stupid shit like using their vehicle to "ram" others, but how is that any different than someone using poses to punch someone in the face? (As an extension of that, minor gripe. Before I brought this up, I had an NPC 'punch' my windshield. I found it very unfair that there was no way for me to retaliate other than either ignoring him or flying away. In-character, there were a lot of things I could have done, like nudging him away with the vehicle or moving just out of reach. I would've liked the opportunity to respond to the NPC's pose appropriately.)

2. Damaging vehicles

If the plan is to begin work on heavy weapons next, this should be done alongside it. In my opinion, the entire -point- of heavy weaponry is giving you the power to fuck up vehicles. Don't like the aero harassing you from above? Get out your bazooka and SHOOT IT DOWN. Big shot trying to get away in a car? Use your machine gun to blow out it's tires and windows. Heavy weapons and vehicles are intertwined with each other, so to work on one, you have to work on the other.

3. Vehicles damaging

Of course, you need a way for vehicles to strike back. Now, I don't know about cars, but I have thought up ALL SORTS of aero attacks, including hovering over someone and BLASTING them with vector nozzles. I can see the dangers involved in giving someone a big, armored weapon, but as long as every attack done by the vehicle damages it a little, I think you'll find people will be very hesitant to use the new feature unless they really have to.

4. Parking

This is something I've noticed myself and a couple others doing. Why put your vehicle in a garage when you can just as simply park it out on the street? I think that should start coming with penalties. In Red, that should take the form of gangers fucking up your ride, while up top, you run the risk of getting fined or even towed. This'll make people much more careful about where they leave their precious wheels and wings.

5. Decals

This is much less important than the other things I've mentioned, but it would still be cool to be able to customize your ride. What this feature would do is make car/aero parts like clothes, allowing people to make custom sides and bumpers. Alternatively, this could work like spray paint (sprayed onto %v is....) Personalized vehicles would be really cool.

6. Dirtiness

People can get dirty, why not vehicles? Maybe it'd be hard to code, but it would add to the general immersive experience. It's also another job op (see Dirty/Clean places)

Much of this already seems available.

Okay, the thing with the things getting dirty and you cleaning it, like your car, is I've read some GM'S replies about RP and steering clear of monotonous activites (cleaning clothes, having to keep an eye on hunger levels, etc ) . You can RP cleaning the car. Mention on sic you were at Blitz laundry the other day and saw a nice line out the back for (redracted names) ;)

The GM'S in my observation have taken out the monotonous so you can go out and RP with others.

If you are an assistant to a corpie for example, the dry cleaning etc is stuff that is done when you're logged off. It's the important errands, real RP stuff, that happens when you are logged on. Same goes for computer work, security work, etc. Stripping even. It's when you log on and do that special show on stage or do that one node work - that's the RP.

You're also a player character. You wouldn't necessarily be hired as a janitor. Even at level 1 of Dungeons & Dragons, you're much more than your average peasant. Same goes for here. You come into the city as a powerless ignorant immy but you have certain skills. Sought after skills if you can find that one right connection. Even if not at first and have to do something else while you learn who's who.

Now, I know you can honk horns but being able to rev a car or something (a pose ) yea, that can be fun.

Main thing is, if someone is hitting the windshield, that's invitation to go outside the vehicle and do something about it. RP

Or run over them if they want to crawl under it.

Some car/vehicle emotes would be fun though. After all, style over substance.

Vehicle attacks - there're some things IC already. Maybe not aiming the car at someone (this isn't GTA) but there are some things.

Want a decal on that car of yours? Well, is it actually your car? What would the boss say? Would you lose your job if you added a decal (IF those are even available in Withmore)? If you DO want decals, how would you go about RPing to get one? Is there someone around who knows how to paint one on maybe and do you even have the flash to pay for it?

As for parking and then gangers or someone messing with the car unless some other agreement is made, what makes you think that's not already happening?

Also, those cars you see are not the only cars there.

You may see 1 taxi as a player but there's a small row of them. You might see one Judge cruiser but there are many driving the streets. You may be the only player in the tube to Green but there are hoverlimos and hover vehicles of all kinds surrounding you as well as other luxury cars.

There were 65 million people last census count. There's much more now so there are vehicle thefts or vandalism happening along with kidnapping rings for ransom or sexual slavery right under your nose.

Hell, maybe you've just been lucky until now.