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Vehicle hardpoints description

Hello everyone. I've noticed that the descriptions of vehicle mounted parts don't seem to offer enough information to signal what size part they are or what size hard-point is compatible with the part.

Experimenting with these parts feels risky considering the price points.

I think it would be a good idea if the descriptions of the parts gave more functional information to the purchaser. I've heard in RP that some of the parts even indicate one descriptive size but they are another actual size when trying to install them on a hard-point.

Some of the descriptions say tangible $rpg thing or potentially $lethal weapon too.

What do you think?

Maybe this is a difference in what verb you're using, but in my experience, all hardpoint mounted parts give a clear indication of what hardpoint size is required when using the inspect verb. This may be tied to a skill check, unsure.
That does seem good if you can hold the part itself. But how do you know what to order for parts if you're unable to hold them?
Looking at said parts while in a store has also given a clear description of what hardpoint size they require.
When they are on shelves, the information is available.

It sounds like you may be wanting more information on certain terminals rather than on the parts themselves.

On the terminals. I haven't been able to find many IC experts for certain types of parts and I am not sure that some of them are even in stores. So terminals are the only reference point I have.
The amount of IC knowledge is still very limited because the vast majority of weapon hardpoint types on available vehicles are small fixed. Also the equipment was rolled out exceedingly slowly, and there was some IC pressure not to let these systems proliferate.

Any characters with practical knowledge about medium or larger weapons, or niche small-sized weapons, are still going to be counted on one hand at this point. They do get stocked on shelves where there is more information available, just very slowly.