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Vehicle Emits

It would be cool if you could emit with a vehicle -- use cases might be an aero waggling its wings, a car flashing its lights or doing donuts in the street or anything else.

The command could work only for the driver and be something like 'vemit ' and work like emit, except instead it emits 'A 2073 SuperDaimler spins in a circle' or something like that.

I believe this has been suggested before and would be really cool, but unfortunately it would probably get abused. People would use it to do things they don't justifiably have the skill for, etc.
I feel like I may have argued against something like this in the past, but having seen it done for plot stuff recently, it was actually pretty ace and enabled some fun RP options.
Necroing since there is a recent post on this topic.

It's not clear what the risk is between someone using a vehicle emit to do something they aren't skilled in and just a regular emit. Clumsy people can pose doing amazing acrobatics their stats don't suggest.

If there's a serious concern, gate it behind a skill level, but to be honest I don't see "people cheating at RP" as a serious balance concern.