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Vehicle cooler
Manually cool down your vehicle!

A battery-powered device that operates off auto/aero tech and allows you to cool your vehicle a certain amount per use. You need to be outside or dismounted for it to work, leaving you potentially vulnerable while your engine is overheating. Especially useful in the Badlands.
Interesting idea, makes more sense for this to be a vehicle modification (radiator / intercooler upgrade) though, with appropriate vehicles simply being better suited for such endeavors.

Makes me curious about how temps are handled with aeros, as their heat generation/dissipation is a LOT different, as are air/ground temps, but that's for another thread I'm sure.

This is an interesting idea but totally not how Vehicles work.

To prevent a vehicle from overheating, they either put on bigger radiators, increase the airflow across the radiator, or do both. Sometimes you will see water injection used on turbo intercoolers as another method.