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Use of wrecks
mix style fortifications

Wrecks exist as objects in game. They have sizes and weights as part of them already.

I'd like to see them useable for a couple of things.

First, barricades! I would love to see wrecks useable to barricade an exit against vehicles. If a wreck is in a room with a vehicle capable of towing, an operator with the proper skills could barricade or un-barricade a direction to prevent vehicle traffic from moving that way.

The second is as cover. This would allow people to hide in or behind a wreck to offer protection from being attacked, and may lead to some benny-hill style shenanigans as people take cover until their opponent reloads.

I like this idea, and think it would be good if taking cover worked against adjacent room/sniper shots, but not too well against people in the same block as you.