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Undetectable Firearms
They were right under our noses the whole time.

A thought I had after reading another post on the BGBB about removing firearm detectors in the mix that would both make a tier of firearms more desirable and also not require a new firearm to be added.

PopPops should be undetectable by firearm and similar detectors, and maybe weapons checks (though thats a whole different discussion). Ammunition does not set of these detectors, and they are made of non-firearm materials as they are disposable outside of that ammunition. It would make PopPops, while not the first choice of weapon, a useful one in certain circumstances or as backup hidden weapons that would be balanced out by their already integrated downside.

Just a thought, let me know what you think.

PopPops should be undetectable by firearm and similar detectors, and maybe weapons checks

At quadruple the price. Nice.

I kind of dig the trade that you'll have a stealth gun, but you get one shot and there's probably no coming back from your run.
Fun idea. I think it's great design to have weapons that have some niche function that encourages their occasional use long after a character has moved onto to other more powerful ones.
Maybe make dismantled weapons more mobile and let them pass through scanners undetected?

Always loved the scenes where someone puts together a sniper rifle or rigs a spy pistol out of something. Would add risk too, having to reassemble it once you're past a checkpoint. I can think of a variety of places where this could work well though.

This one's half-baked, but I like it.

It was always my opinion that that is exactly what dismantling should do. But the IC logistics of the detectors are weird, anyway, with how they exclusively pick out firearms and nothing else.
Just throwing out an uneducated idea onto the pile...

Anti-detection gun mod.

Hello, I am not sure if there is a thread for this anywhere but I think a cool idea to help small worlding in crowded bars is to have random misfires of gun detectors. Could be fun because we wouldn't 'know' if it was an ambient citizen or a player with a gun. Say 'John Doe' doesn't have a gun but one of the 'people' that happened to walk in with him does and it happens to go off.
A mod would be awesome for this.