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UE Change to Potentially Help RP
Work for your experience!

Just an idea on how to help push RP along.

What if UE and RP were tied in together, so that the more you RP, the more you gain UE?

I'm thinking, (and I'm pretty sure this can be tracked, as shown by the bartender 'Where's the party at' function), that players that aren't idle that are in a room with one (or two) other or more people that are also not idle, every hour (or whatever time:UE ratio is good) will gain them one UE point. I feel like this would encourage people to actively seek out RP situations in order to improve their character.

No. Sindome is a marathon, not a sprint. 3 UE a day is fine.
Sorry, I mean that the max UE cap is still there, you just need to get out to actually earn it
You only earn UE if you actively RP as it is, actually. If you're not active in the game, the UE system doesn't grant you anything- and if you idle intentionally to 'sponge' and only do enough to make the system grant you RP, you'll end up cut off.

Beyond that, the current UE max a day is designed to set a fixed scale of progression.

Ah, okay, never mind, then.
You already don't gain UE if you're idle and need to be active doing stuff IC though to gain the UE when it's time for the UE hit.
+1 Ranger. System's meant to encourage persistence.