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Two ideas in one
A new weapon(and the skill to come with it) and a new item.

Alright, I'm gonna cut to the chase on this.

Although we have a vast amount of weaponry available to those of us that like to live life on the edge (See: Everything is a melee weapon, even your studdly if you're brave enough.) There is one pretty neat (Slightly outdated) and potentially CPAF weapon type I'd love to see added.

Bows. More specifically, a Compound bow/crossbow with mods similar to that of the firearm modification kits. Obviously, these wouldn't really fall into the current weapon skills, so that might be added. But hell, how badass would it be to go out into the badlands with a crew, roll up in your buggy and spear a god damn dune dragon through the skull with a freaking crossbow bolt.

That is one suggestion, part two is more for flavor and does fall under weapon mods.

Paint jobs. I know we have engraving and such already, for those of you (or us) that like to have flashy little signatures on their gat as they pop another couple rounds into this week's mix trash, but how much cooler would it be for say, said mix trash to be gatted by someone who took the time and effort to paint their gun a nice snazzy orange. Or by a joy who decided she wants that little sebby in her pocket to be a bright neon pink, because nothing is more shit hot scary than being pop-popped in the chest by a whore with a hot pink pistol.

The paints are entirely thematic, I can see Mixers using their gang colors on their machete blades, guns, whatever they used as a weapon. It's been done a fair few times, especially in games that meet the theme (See: Brink. Decent game, fairly CP, had this kinda feature.)

Anyway, just a thought.

I like it! You can already engrave weapons for a bit of flavor, but a painted up smudge would be pretty sweet. Could even happen at the same machine.
I like this idea quite a bit. I was thinking of bringing up this very topic just last weekend. I think a high tech folding crossbow would be awesome. Mod kits for range via scoping, silence or maybe quiver size. Seems like a fun and flavorful weapon choice.
Crossbows... cyberpunk? What?
I meant some high tech, high modded reiteration of the classic, although I did say it was outdated weaponry. Anything flies when you really gotta send a message, and it's something I could see Ferrymen using for a quick, clean, quiet kill.
Okay, you mean a high tech reinvention of a weapon that was used during the Middle Ages? Do we let people access the Grid through it or something? Why can't you just use a pistol with a silencer? Or a blade? I like the paintjobs concept but adding a medieval weapon to a cyberpunk setting and adding an entire new skillset for one item...
Yeah, the paintjob idea was the vastly more thought out concept for me on this idea. It's definitely the more themely of the two, the whole use of a bow was more spur of the moment, something else to throw in there while I was already making a topic.
The sword, bokken, bo staff, stiletto, katana, etc, are all medieval weapons, too. These kinds of things persevere into CP because they're cool. I'm not saying Sindome needs crossbows. I'm saying we need to be careful why we dismiss ideas because some can make the jump between fantasy and cyberpunk with relative ease. Other rather timeless concepts like religion and faith, culture, war and weaponry need some tweaking, but it doesn't mean they're without value in a CP world just because their origin is medieval in nature.
While I think that at this place in the game, adding a bow skill or similar would be kinda hard to do if I imagine correctly, there are similar (or have been) similar objects that shoot different ammunitions similar to arrows in the past, such as the WAI Needle Gun. It may be possible to roll a crossbow out under rifles, but again not sure about the feasibility.

However, I think painting objects is a perfect idea. You can paint a variety of other objects in game such as clothing, cabinets, vehicles, yet can't do it on weapons. That would be a cool addon.

Just slap a sticker on it.
That is true, about the stickers. They work on firearms.
The bow was a weapon used by samurai back in the medieval time frame, so I could see a street sam build focused around a bow or crossbow, working as a ferryman. Like was mentioned earlier, plenty of high tech mods and materials to bring it into the 22nd century, and I see some definite potential.
Its not that I don't see potential. I've played bow only cybered up solos in Shadowrun and its a very different game using that kind of ammunition. I just don't know what it would do to the current skill list and how it would all work together and what it would require on the admin side.
I could be remembering this incorrectly, but I believe that in one of the Ghost in the Shell Tankoubon, Kusanagi had a small bow or crossbow mounted into her wrist. It shot either explosive bolts or small grenades. It's been awhile since I've read them. I figured that maybe a bow might have additional uses outside of just another ranged weapon. Plus it's very thematic. Maybe they don't play to Sindome's theme well, but they are very stylistic weapons.
Stickers are cool and more people should use them! They don't work on everything but they do work on a lot of stuff, and I've seen stickers that even made me think the item was an official unique variant and not just a custom line added on.

Bows/xbows/trick arrows are all things that rifles/pistols/explosives/heavy weapons already do or can do with support and the stuff that's already in fits both the cyberpunk aesthetic and the post-apocalyptic Mad Max badlands aesthetic extremely well.

The only unique thing I could think of is that these weapons might not land under the legality issue of guns, but skirting around that is boring when that's actually a really cool thing to play around.