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Tweaks for ignoring SIC spam?

I'd really give my right arm AND left testicle to get any quality-of-life tweaks to allow us to filter out some of the public SIC spam, which can really be distracting while RP'ing. I understand 'hearing the loud city' is part of the IC world, but we can already turn off public SIC chatter entirely, so why can't we more smartly tweak it?

Either or both of these tweaks would be immensely helpful:

'ci target ' also ignores any public-channel broadcasts from targeted alias, not just private messages

'ci chat' does exactly what it does now, except it allows through its filter encrypted broadcasts which you have the key for. I actually already assumed this worked this way, and found out the hard way that it does not.

I don't really see any IC reasons for either/both not working in line with other present SIC commands, and can't see how either/both would in any way hinder RP. Rather, being able to smartly filter public SIC spam would allow RP'ing a scene to shine through the noise a bit more, as it were. We can filter SIC spam if a specific word is included, but not a specific alias? Seems weird.

One major problem I see with blocking SIC aliases besides for private is losing out on RP opportunities. Especially involving gossip, events, etc. Say you're annoyed because a certain alias is high and going crazy on SIC so you block them but forget to unblock them and later they are back to normal and someone your character would like to meet? Well, you're not going to because you blocked that alias and when people reply to that alias, you'll be seeing half the conversation. So, that part of it could hinder RP.
If that's true then being able to turn off public SIC entirely is far more harmful to potential RP, so why can we do that?

It applies to other aspects of the game but I don't want to get off-topic, but I'm never going to be convinced the spamming the player is ever any kind of net gain for that player's enjoyment of the game. If the spam itself is a necessary evil (i.e., tons of people using encryption keys), there's no reason not to give players a way to lessen spam that doesn't pertain to them. And it's not a blanket function that just suddenly affects everyone in the game, it's an advanced option/choice that each player makes for themselves.

It is an IC choice if you decide to filter out your public SIC.

There somehow is a way to make it so that messages with a certain word in them will still come through the filter but i have't really played around with it enough to figure out how it works.

I do like the idea of "ci chat" blocking just the public channels and leaving any encrypted channels still view able (even the ones you don't have keys for)

and "ci all" to complete block all non-private communique

Oh also, it would be really nice if when you -DO- have 'ci chat' enabled and you broadcast on SIC that you are reminded you have the public chat filtered. There's been a couple times I would set my filter, log out, forget the next day when I'd logged in and just figured people were ignoring me and that pubsic was really quiet.
Agreed, there are really any number of tweaks that would more or less accomplish the same goal. It's very counter-intuitive to me that 'ignoring public chat' also ignores encrypted messages you have keys for. They don't sound/feel like 'public' messages even though they technically are.

Past that, just reiterating my biggest gripe/point, sometimes I've had long / intense RP scenes that get very muddied by sudden or prolonged bursts of public chatter, encrypted or otherwise. I can of course ignore all of it, but what if my RP at the time (or RP opportunities that may arise mid-scene) is predicated on messages that would come through my keyed channels?

The themely obtrusiveness of media/noise of various sorts is expected, but for example, the TV ads that play through are frequent but not so frequent that they necessarily break into whatever else is going on in a way that's genuinely counterproductive.

Again as I said, if you filter your SIC chat that is an IC choice, thus any RP that may be altered or gained that you missed out on because of your SIC chat being filtered is entirely IC.

SIC content is 90% player-created content, even a good chunk of the SICADs are made by players. If TV ads were one liners they would be more frequent I think, however since they are generally big blocks of text it is scaled back a bit.

Okay? I don't know what that matters for the points that were raised. I'm not confused about how SIC currently works and why/why not the current features for filtering are what they are or are not. This is the Ideas forum, right? So I had the idea that the current filtering options are incredibly lacking, not because I'm really excited to throw more projects on The List or make harried demands of an overburdened coding staff. It's because my main suggestion seems like one that would be relatively easy to implement, and it would be a seemingly nice, reasonable, RP-robust change. If RP is the name of the game, and last I checked it was, I don't see how the change would be harmful in any way, making the net gain pretty easy to grasp. If we're not talking about that or one of the other proposed changes, why are we talking?