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Turn Wiring Hubs On/Off

I think it would be very helpful for a wide variety of network setups if you could turn wiring hubs on or off. Previously, you could effectively do that via 'set output to none', but with the output/input concept depreciated I think this would be good to put back in.

There have been several creative IC businesses that relied on the ability to selectively turn hubs on and off as a sort of pay-per-view, among other things, and I'd like to encourage people to have that kind of business model.

The way to accomplish this now is bridges, not turning the hub off or on.
To expand on this, if you turned a hub off in the new system, any device connected to that hub would go offline, turning those devices off for the network, and all networks that traffic was being routed to.

I assume you don't actually want that.

Instead what you probably want is to make a bridge from your network to another network. You can destroy that bridge via tools IG whenever you like.

No, that's exactly what I want.

The use case is this:

I (hypothetically) run an underground burlesque troupe that broadcasts edgy clown shows out of an abandoned warehouse. I have a camera there that broadcasts a feed of the warehouse to people who have paid me to connect to their various televisions and monitors.

When someone pays for Burlesque TV, I come up to their paid and link their monitor to my BTV hub.

However, I also use the warehouse for meetings of my secret club, which I do not want to broadcast, so I only turn the BTV feed on during shows. In the past, I would handle that by "setting output to none" on the BTV hub when the show was over and "setting output to all" when the show starts. Now the only way to achieve the same end is to uninstall the hub, which means performers may or may not be able to run the hub system when I'm not there.

Alternately, I could have two hubs -- one which gets the feed and one which distributes it -- and selectively scan-unscan those two hubs to act as a switch. I'm okay with that as a solution but it adds extra bloat to networks, and there are other "switch" use cases where you might end up adding a lot of hubs just to have the on-off functionality in multiple locations. (Sorry to be vague, I just don't want to put out too much ICinfo.)

Or you could use a bridge and just set the bridge filter to "none".