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Turn that duo into vat cheese!!!
Shooting cars, can that be a thing?

I LOVE how cars work in this game. They are so cool and fun, well put together, and offer some really neat situations. That being said, when you're in a car you're sort of in an impenetrable box of zoom and I think it would be great to adjust that a bit.

Let's make (if it's codedly feasible) shooting cars a thing! Syntax would be:

aim at

You aim your at

shoot at

People in the car would see the bullets flying at the car, or whizzing through the inside, or get hit.

When shooting at a car, you would have a chance to do one or all of the following:

Damage the car

Pop a tire (more for auto mechanics to do!)

Injure the driver

Injure the passenger

Injure people in the back seat

Maybe also bring back drive-by-shooting if this existed? I understand it used to be a thing but became too one sided. Also, maybe it could lead to some higher grade car parts that are semi or fully bullet proof similar to the way that armor functions?

Vehicle combat is a huge thing that would require way more than this and entire rework of the repair system as is.

Not to mention, any asshole with a butterfly knife could go around and pop every tire in the Mix.

Ain't nobody got time for that.

Vehicle Combat is on The List(tm) and talked about in a few other threads.
Ah, sweet, must have missed those. Thanks gang.
Sure, you can aim at a driver but they should be able to run you over with their one to two ton death machines, or smash you into a wall.