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Trash Bins
Another Information Gathering Tool

So as you know Sindome is all about gathering information and a very useful tool for social engineering is literally bin diving outside of the known residence of a target.

Super new - so take my idea with a grain of salt - but I think it'd be cool that when you trash an object it looks for the closest bin and puts it there. So bins can be put in streets, outside of apartments, etc. After some time, they get pushed to the normal trash rooms.

This would serve two purposes:

(1) People can dumpster dive to get free used stuff - super useful for fixer and recycling stuff.

(2) People can literally spy on others by trying to figure out what they're up to depending on what's dumped in the dumpsters.

Naturally, there's very easy ways to go around this so that it can't be traced. If you're really looking to not be traceable, do what you do IRL and just go to a very random location and trash the item there so that nobody can figure out it might've been you.

I think there might be coded challenges behind it, but here's my 50 cents!

This exists in game, it's just not in the form of dumpsters and trash cans. Find out ICly!
Oh cool - thank you!
I'm not sure this actually exists, because I made a suggestion way back when to be able to recover parts of trashed papers and photos, and it was rejected for being too bloaty.
This definitely used to exist. I thought it was removed for reasons but I may be mistaken.
If something akin to this exists then ignore my idea!

If it doesn't, then indeed I think it would be cool with some safeguards put in place. For instance:

(1) Items aren't all accessible. You have to literally dive a bit in the trashbin to check out what's in there. This, to simulate that this is a crowded city. PERCEPTION + what ever else nets you results, and maybe even you can find for something specific like the markets do. This will not let you immediately take everything from a trash bin, but you'll have to do some serious diving if you want to get the valuables. Toss in some worthless items that randomly spawn to account for vnpc trash.

(2) Items get progressively 'eliminated' from the trash bin's internal database. The more valuable an item is, the faster it gets flushed. Crowded trash bins also get flushed super fast. Anything too valuable maybe should eventually have a chance of ending in the markets to complete the circle. That way if you trash something super valuable, it shouldn't stay more than a few hours there.


(A) I believe interlocking systems always create emergent narrative. Sindome is obviously full of this stuff. Interlocking commands such as TRASH with an in-game mechanic and making you have to consider where you trash sensitive stuff (papers or what ever, e-notes) is obviously important.

(B) Nothing 'disappears' per say, but it isn't exactly traceable. Imagine you murder someone with super recognizable clothes. You toss the clothes in their trash bin and if someone comes to search the trash bin of their apt. floor in the coming one or two days, they might find them. If you want to trash stuff securely, you should figure out a smarter way. Maybe trash it at your gang / group / clan / corporation's HQ where only a member of it would need to snitch it out.

(C) New avenues of jobs appear. Fixers or beggars can literally dive through dumpsters, get codedly dirty, but probably find half-eaten food or what ever.

As a note, trash bin diving should probably tire you out or have some other creative way for staff to make sure someone doesn't just loot every single trash bin.

But yeah, that's the downpour of my idea.