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Transcoder Broadcast Off-Switch

As part of the security/surveillance rebuild, transcoders hubs were changed to perform simultaneous input and output. Although on paper this was an upgrade, it makes them now very stressful to use because they have historically broadcast all kinds of things they shouldn't.

While some blacklisting has occurred to stop some player-facing client feedback from broadcasting, there's really no way to tell if something is broadcasting out or not and if this blacklisting is comprehensive enough without basically going through every single menu and command and feedback mechanism and seeing if it gets captured or not.

It would be a significant quality of life improvement if transcoder chips were changed to allow for broadcast to be turned off entirely, so nothing was ever sent anywhere and no possible security or privacy bugs could manifest that could leak anything sensitive. Alternatively, if transcoder chips were changed to be two separate devices; so that one type performed a broadcast, and another type received outside inputs.

Slither mentioned circling back to look at an off-switch for these, but in the meantime he's fixed many, many issues. After a lot of testing I'm confident that all the worst offenders for OOC information bleed are blacklisted.

Huge thank you to Slither for going through 120+ verbs and various kinds of messaging, massive quality of life improvement on something that previously required maximum vigilance.