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Topside MacGuffins
GM created @rpthings

In order to promote a more themely interaction between topside and the mix, I would suggest that GMs from time to time create a Macguffin placed somewhere topside. This macguffin should take coordination and teamwork to locate and acquire, and then be able to be delivered somewhere for a reward (or perhaps be an item that is in of itself a reward).

An example would be a shadowy NPC contacting a PC fixer and telling them "I need this rare unreleased episode of EGO that is in the NLM archives. I'll pay you 100,000c for it", while the MacGuffin itself is placed in game somewhere in the NLM tower.

At this point, the fixer has to hire a team to try and recover the item, while operating within the 100,000c budget allocated for the plot.

This similar plot structure could be basically applied to any corp, and gives an RP thread to mixers that is different than the standard 'Go blow up X corp because damn the man!'.

Who says they don't? WoOOoOooOoo!
I have not experienced it, which certainly does not disqualify it from already existing, though I could imagine a board similar to CnC existing in the mix with these items on it.
The problem with making it a more universal system like a CnC board is that these things require direct GM attention during attempts. They're usually handcrafted in of themselves, because they require that much attention. Not only from GMs but also the players involved.

Not to mention the actual mystique of these plots. Their -existence- is paydata in of themselves most of the time.

Also, slap it in one spot is a good way to get the people in charge of protect them just waiting around, staring at the screen for hours, hoping/fearing someone will come by.

Generally, they're hand tailored to expedite things and also milk as much RP as possible out of the situation.

I've seen a number of these plots myself, and the way they're handled is already fantastic.