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Three new pieces of cyberware
Not for combat!

SK Cybernetic Spine

Location: Back

Requires: Nothin'

Designed initially for mere prosthesis, the SK CyberSpine's broad utility and versatility have caught the eye of security professionals, technicians, and performers across the solar system.

Functioning as a replacement for most of the vertebrae, the CyberSpine supports and cushions the user's spinal cord. State of the art alloys and synthetic tissue absorb impact and strain that could shatter bone, while bio-connectors along the artificial spinal column monitor and, if needed, reroute neural activity. The augmentation allows users to better survive falls and lift heavy loads.

What it could do:

* Greatly increase the amount someone can lift (while not increasing their actual carrying capacity), allowing even weak people to lift/carry bodies etc.

* Reduce fall damage by one stage, so that a person falling one story could land unscathed, two with injuries as though they'd only fallen one, etc. There could even be some cool messaging on short falls.

* Allow people to move barricades/manholes etc without penalty. This would only affect the block/remove commands, not charging/kicking said obstacles

* Allow people to contort themselves to fit into tiny spaces normally reserved for small characters, possibly with some amusing messaging about impossibly bending their body

* Negate or reduce failure chance when climbing grappling hooks

* Could possibly add a small amount of back armor

Back naked: (appended after whatever is normally there like a tattoo) A ridge of articulated steel runs the length of %p spine, the metal married to the flesh.

This one does a lot of little things that would be nice QoL improvements for certain characters, plus it could be the basis for adding drug autoinjectors or whatever else down the line. And you could use it to RP curing your paralysis or whatever!

SK Manual Vehicle Rigging Chip

Location: Head

Requires: Cybereye, neural processor, visual overlay optical mode, remote operation system (a new car part)

The SK Vehicle Rigging Chip is an implant that allows the user to remotely interface with a linked car or aero's remote operating system and assume control of it wherever they happen to be. A must-have for security and law enforcement, the vehicle rigging module has recently become popular with busy commuters in the civilian world.

To use: Your cybersurgeon will first link the chip to the remote operation system installed in your vehicle. Then, after your chip is installed, simply activate it using your neural processor and your vehicle's cameras will feed into your SK cybereye's visual overlay optical module, just as if you were in the driver's seat. From there, your vehicle's systems are at your fingertips.

As an added security feature, this chip deletes all user data in the event of the user's death, preventing a chip lost this way from being used to operate the vehicle until it is linked again.

* Remote operation system is a set of computers/cameras you can link to this chip and install on any car or aero, but maybe not a bike.

* Once it's all set up and activated you can /startup, /shutoff, /lock, /unlock, /drive, /fly, and maybe a command to check your flight computer if there is one. Basically the full suite of car commands in cyberware form

* Operating a vehicle like this uses rigging, not driving/flying. This adds some more use for the rigging skill and yes this also means a rigger could set this all up and use the cyberware to drive/fly themselves around without actually knowing how to drive or fly. Hell, hang out in the back of your murder van smoking weed while you do donuts in front of the Hall with your mind

* Look like a complete badass when your own car pulls up to pick you and your date up and there is nobody inside

* Adds more fun for vehicles and potential for shenanigans if say someone hacks all the cars for a plot and they start running people over or something

* Rescue yourself from the badlands or the mix or whatever if you get lost or kidnapped

* Drive one car while you /drive another and get twice as stuck in traffic

* Poor man's spybot! Of course you can't peer at stuff so functionality is reduced and also if some Mixer defaces your fancy dashcam with some spraypaint you're probably going to need a tow

SK Automatic Vehicle Rigging Chip

Location: Head

Requires: neural processor, gps implant, remote operation system

This functions similarly to the manual vehicle rigging chip, but instead of remotely driving your car, you just /summon it and it starts up and automatically paths to you if it can. You don't need any real skill for it and I dunno, it just isn't as insanely flash.

So that's it! I love cyberware and I think this all is not tooooo far of a stretch code or themewise.

*cheerful screaming!*

Vera! Stop it! I love all of this! This is one area of the game I really haven't explored too thoroughly, so I'm not going to comment on the utilization of these, but I will say that I think anything that bridges the gap between combat characters and non-combat characters is a huge boon to RP.

Especially with things like the cybernetic spine. First, that's just cool, but I also think it will help involved those characters whose skills aren't so fitted for physical labor or hippity-hopping. It can give them whole new types of work to do (aka: new allies to help or new enemies to screw over) while letting them still focus their UE on whatever skill set they already have. Also, I think new things to stuff chyen into is always a good thing as well as support the new cyber changes.

"Sure Judge, throw me off the skywalk. I -bounce!-" 🤣

Perhaps the second one would only work if you're not in the vehicle? Otherwise it seems to completely negate having any driving skill. Anything that gets multiple characters involved is better than one player doing everything, IMO.

Bummer => Hey chum I need a ride to Gold.

Carigger<= Surry too busy making out.

Bummer => Just brainwave your Katana over to me. I'll poke you once I'm on it.

I've tried to suggest new chrome (not nanos) ideas both OOC and IC for years and so far I've always gotten the same answer, we are currently not looking to develop new things.

More cyber for the cyberpunk game is always good, honestly I don't care what it is.

I know Vera has been able to work with the staff on things like this before, when they were willing to listen and they had the resources to make new things.

So hopefully we can get a few new things in the pipeline this year.

These are great -- and I pray for cyberarms and cyberlegs. Even with -no- extra mechanical benefits, I just want more them for the flavor! More chrome!
I do like the rigging interface, but I'd like to do it akin to the gun link in that you need to be in the drivers seat, wired into the vehicle via a port.

Any sort of wireless setup could further degrade the mapping of rigging -> driving/piloting skill such that you control the vehicle best while directly wired into it.

Why wouldn't the spine require the neural copro?

(Edited by Johnny at 12:16 pm on 1/7/2020)

Not having cyberarms and cyberlegs seems like a missed opportunity. Frankly, I think they might be better to do the things suggested for the spine -- falling becoming a cyberlegs thing, lifting a cyberarms thing.
As far as I know, cyber limbs are a thing already.
I've never seen them in-game over the course of off-and-on play of ten or so years, and all the forum posts I've seen in searches say 'hey, maybe someday' -- but that being said, I obviously haven't seen everything the game has to offer! If they -are- in game, I'd certainly like to see them more accessible; they're such a mainstay of the theme and setting it seems crazy that there wouldn't be tons of people with them.
It's about the mechanics of not having the limbs. It affects a gobsmacking amount of gameplay and we have always had to weigh this against the reality of the way death works in Sindome. The price of the clone ultimately trumps the cost cyberlimbs have in chyen & PDS, meaning 90% of the effort ultimately goes unused --

We can't justify the level of effort for how we expect it will actually be little used.

There are nanos which do what Pavane mentioned for arms and legs.
@Johnny -- that's sort of what I assumed. I can absolutely see how it affects a ton of systems. You get a cyberlimb, update your clone, and die -- now what, you just don't have an arm or leg? etc etc. It's a shame, though, just because it's so on-theme.
We had some cyberlimbs early on, but folks saw no need for a metal arm naked they couldn't customize, cost them 8 times the cost of the clone and very likely gave them a bad case of PDS.

Now we've got so many places where I would want to affect gameplay, its a big mountain to overcome for legit cyberlimbs as a regular thing.

I didn't think a proz would be necessary for the cyberspine because 1) it's a self-contained unit that doesn't move on its own, but simply reroutes existing nerves and hooks up to natural muscle and 2) the 'ware is actually something that would mostly benefit lower UE characters who might balk at the added cost.

Requiring the rigger to be in the driver's seat of the car would negate the point of the chrome (which is remote control of a driverless car) and is already obviated by the existence of driving skillsofts.

I didn't think a proz would be necessary for the cyberspine because 1) it's a self-contained unit that doesn't move on its own, but simply reroutes existing nerves and hooks up to natural muscle and 2) the 'ware is actually something that would mostly benefit lower UE characters who might balk at the added cost.

Requiring the rigger to be in the driver's seat of the car would negate the point of the chrome (which is remote control of a driverless car) and is already obviated by the existence of driving skillsofts.

I agree that that cloning and cyber create some use problems in general.
spines don't move, wha?
Replacing your spine sounds like it should be a high PDS cost thing to me too. It's going to be incredibly invasive and give you metal plates down your back.
Your spine's bones don't move. The muscles move.

Anyway PDS is mostly a gameplay/balance concern and should be applied relative to the gameplay benefit the cyberware confers. If the logic is that anything bigger than a microchip is going to turn people into killborgs then people will never use cyberware that isn't microchips.

Or rather, the existing muscles in your back (already wired to your brain via your existing nervous system) pull on your natural vertebrae, moving them around as they flex. The cyberspine replaces the bone and some connective tissue and is hooked up to the same muscles your natural spine was. No new or different signals from the brain are needed.

There's also the question of realism vs playability. If we want to talk realism, then Nailz should be too small and awkwardly positioned to be used in a fight and the epinephrine in your Flashboost should make you turn white as a sheet and pass out instead of making you go fast.