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The Stock Market
Hawking Paydata

It would be cool to have "paydata" objects that exist for deckers and characters with access to corporate facilities, to obtain.

Once obtained, and ideally created with a timer that incrementally degrades their worth, they could be sold at the Stock Market. The 'market' code is already available. The use case is the same. Characters receiving chy for objects.


I like your idea.

I think it could be an adjunct to pay data. There could be a whole stock market "mini-game" where characters with the right skill could appraise stock options before selling them at the market. In effect, buying options from other characters, or maybe even NPCs.

We could even do a basic vesting function for Short and Long term holds. If a character is Short and they sell their stock on the market, they only get 50% of the value (or whatever). But they can sell the stock to another character, and that other character can then sell it at full value (or at least as close as they can negotiate) on the market. I would imagine it working something like crates. Corpie characters could get a "stock" object each week from the employment terminal for example.

My idea for pay data was left intentionally broad so that non-corporate characters still have a chance to get in on the action. Given that, "stock" objects should be able to be stolen, pick pocketed, etc.

FWIW - The initial seeds of my thoughts came out of background theme that DeathBall betting is widely traded via stocks. (