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The Mix's folk music
What is it?

If the Mix has its own language and cultural food (rat kebabs!), surely it has its own folk music. Made from humbly craft musical instruments and blended together to speak of peoples that immigrants descended from, it can stubbornly be Mix-centric in that it might never appeal to topside.

So what is it called? I imagine there's a tejano influence in its sound, Celtic bagpipes, an accordion, and a zither. Definitely an acoustic guitar too. Does anyone have ideas on what it would be called?

If I can get a more solid idea then I might put together some songs for the Jukebox Project.

I don't think this is a thing in Sindome. In my visualization of the Mix, the Mix listens to whatever is blaring on the radio or whatever is the fad... most of the time this is Juicy Vee and other mass produced synthetic types of music.