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The Market
Get rich quick! Or maybe not so quick...

I had this idea the other day, that maybe I could make a hobby of bartering in the market. Unfortunately, they alays pay you a LOT less then what you pay them. Therefore it's impossible to buy things and then try to sell them for profit.

That doesn't seem very realistic. You shouldn't be able to buy something at a low price and sell it at a high price every time, but there could be a chance of that happening.

And maybe there could be a skill ('bartering'?) for this, to increase your skill at haggling.

Edit: And I realize that this feature is a common game feature to keep you from doing this and making a lot of money, but this is supposed to be a more realistic game :)

(Edited by Jadael at 5:57 pm on Dec. 23, 2001)

Hrm...I like the idea of adding a Barter advantage or something that'd boost your 'haggling' successes. I -do- worry that someone would just sit and buy and sell their own stuff back to them though. That'd be kinda silly to just rotate all the goods in the market in and out without any real purchases and sales, just money going to so and so.

The other thing I don't like is that it's a job that involves only the one person. While yes, SHI and Burnt Cow etc are single person jobs that you often do alone...they do have some oppertunity for RP. Whereas Bruce and some other jobs have HUGE potential for RP. This would have less.

Now...I know some people have a very high charisma and are better able to convince people into a lower or higher price. Use -that- to your advantage and sell you services to someone *goes to put that in theme*. Hang out at the market and offer to sell stuff for see them having little luck, offer, for a percentage of the sale, to haggle on their behalf.


Well, rotating the goods was kinda the idea. It's this huge space with a bunch of people trying to buy and sell stuff to each other.

But I do see the lack of RP in it. Maybe more players should hang out in the market and haggle with each other. That'd be cool.

Haggling between players doesn't need to be done in the markey, it could be done anywhere.

I'd like to see some people start to buy from the fixers we have out there, or just people with gear who's selling. Might start some arguements, open up some bounties, etc.

There is alot of RP that can be done around gear and what not... no one seems to be taking advantage however.

Yeah, but the market is a centralized place especially for bartering. I'd say it's a good place for people to go when they need to sell something, if other players knew that people waited around there.
Perhaps the market will expand one day to let players set up stalls, that's actually not a bad idea. I could probably also allow theft of stuff from the market eventually, but the point is always balance, there can't be a way for players to make lots of moola without an element of risk.

As for haggling at the market. It already uses stats and skills to determine how much you get the price up and down by. The trick is to figure out -what- effects the price someone will give you for something. I've seen certain players push the haggle a good distance and I, using the same code and my godly stats and skills have been able to haggle prices to the limit, I've sold stuff for 110%+  it's proper value and haggled all kinds of items down to 1chyen. Yes, this is because I have max stats/skills, but it also proves that those stats and skills do alter the prices you get.

Let common sense be your guide.

Oh, you don't need special code to set up a stall... I already have one :)Lena
What's wrong the markets? Break it down for us, Lena.
I've only seen improvements to the markets since the... uh, 2016 changes I think? And that evictions are now gloriously automated.

Truly it's a much more enjoyable experience than when I joined in 2014.

Markets by Maybe**ine: Maybe it's my @stats build, maybe it's by design.

To paraphrase the OP, making a hobby of bartering in the markets is just going to lose you a TON of flash. If I were re-rolling now, I might ditch the charisma/trading stats just because the mechanics don't seem to make it worth the XP.

Have to go through fixers to get a decent price (selling) on anything.

Waste hours wandering and spamming commands.

Market chases...was used as a selling point for this feature. Have not yet observed this in action enough to think it really is a factor.

I want to go off on the item hoarding tangent SO BAD, but I won't.

I love the markets in their current iteration.

They're extremely profitable with a trading character and leave a large space for creativity.

I can't relate to these issues.

Markets are working fine. There is a skill to make things better there.

All together now.....Find out ic!

Thanks JMo. I'll take a look. Maybe something has changed.
Like most things in this game, it requires a LOT of exploration, some creativity, and a good deal of RP. You aren't going to be able to sit in the markets and just churn out chyen all day, the game isn't set up for that for a reason.
Hey, Lena.

I think you should consult with someone experienced with trading IC, because most likely you're doing something wrong. Trading in the markets is worthwhile right now, without a doubt. You probably just need to get better at it IC.

Yes. Thanks Necronex666. I am IC going to look into why my IC stats are insufficient to get a good price while selling.

Maybe my idea of a good price has just been set to a different level due to old expectations. It's possible.

My only issue with the markets at the moment is scarcity of goods when buying, but that should tell you that people are doing a good job combing them and finding deals.

It's true that you can't buy an item low from one vendor and sell it high to another, but that's by design, otherwise you could just generate income out of thin air.

Some goods have changed prices and you've been around for too long, Lena :)
It sounds like you're overlooking some fairly basic market mechanics here too.

Very much a case of explore and experiment IC.