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the library
bring it back, new and improved

Ok, I expect this will require a large amount of code, but what about bringing the library back, now before you start shaking your heads, it would have to be changed, but what about this:

1)add a new stats/skills thing so that there is a knowledge category, this category won;t count for anything more than how you rp.

2)now you go to the library to study, you have a 90% chance of learning about fashion/literature/world history, and a very small chance of actually learning something that would improve your skills.

3)also, keep the library how it was so that you have to be lucky and smart to learn anyway, and so that if you already have a lot of knowledge in something, you can't learn more.  this would add to the realism because realisticly you can read a book and learn how to say Arc weld, but no matter how much you learn about it, until you strike and Arc and learn the actual skill, knowing about it doesn't help too much.

I agree. That or have it give you decimal points in UE. Say you study for an hour. AN IC HOUR. you'd get 0.1 UE. For every 10 hours you -STUDY- in the library, you get 1 ue. 10 hours is a -long- time. and not a lot happens in a library. Hours there would be cumulative in that when you 'stop studying' it adds .0076383 UE to your char. Run it like the shi work pit.

Actualualually... Some of you may remember way back in the mists of time (last year), Damon coded an activity based experience/auto-assign UE system where-by you would no longer have the ability to assign UE. Instead every action you performed would assign your UE to the used skill/stat -IF- you had UE available.

The plan was to implement numerous 'skill' locations around the dome that would allow you to research/train/practice various skills (for a price) to gain greater skill boosts per point of UE than from in the field experience. The library would have been re-introduced, a gym, dojo, swimming pool, gun club, all kinds of ideas were discussed...

Sadly, the auto-UE system was lost in a crash just as Damon was completing the code. -Some- fragments of the code still linger in the MOO awaiting recode, but as with any time you lose a chunk of code to a crash, it's hard to find the motivation to recode a whack of stuff...

I suspect it will be back.

I dunno...that whole system is yin/yang with me. Like. Hell, I'd need to spend 80% of my IC time running to and from skill points to increase things, let alone stats. God. It's not like I boost stats that are easily raiseable by training or something. Charisma? Luck? I suppose I could take public speaking courses, but luck? Sitting at a gambling table doesn't give you better luck, just teaches you how to read cards.

On the other hand, it means that if you want to learn something new, you have to ICly -LEARN- it. I kinda favor a combo of the two. Drop the numbe of UE one getrs a day to like 0.5UE or 0.25 UE so players can choose to supliment things a bit. Like, a decker is pooched right now, cause decks are so rare. Yaddayadda.

The way the system was working when I saw it pre-crash was it only affected skills... with the UE I had I could still assign UE to my stats. I dunno if that was going to change, but its the way it was then.
In regards to the aformentioned system.  The way it was working when it was lost was it only affected skills, yes.  Plans to impliment the stat portion were planned for immediately after the skill portion was completed.  The main reason we decided on this system was because we were tired of seeing people staying auto-connected with tiggers and idle in an apartment all day long doing absolutely nothing and somehow magically acquiring uber-skills.  I won't name any names because I might offend Improvisar.   Errr....oops.  Anyway, as far as discrete stats go, you have no idea how much those stats are actually used.  Let me ask you...if you don't think they're used in game, why are you boosting them to begin with? =)  They are used a lot and if you are in stat-boosting mode, you would gradually improve any stats used.  The plan was either to allow you to toggle between skill boosting/stat boosting or to have stat boosting specific to the location.  For example, you'd need to be in a gym to boost str, agility or endurance.  That is merely an example.  At any rate, I will try to get this system back in and running before I leave.  And I stress -try- because I'm pretty engrossed in other parts of the MOO right now.
Damon is Air Force bound, August 30th.  So I'll be gone for a while anyway.
BOOM, there goes the Air Force...
See! Thats what I said! Why get Damon anywhere NEAR a multi-million dollar piece of equipment? He'd probably take it apart, trying to learn how it works so he can secretly build his own little army of planes... when... OOPS! He never thought about putting it back together... well, we've got one F-18 without anything but a chassis sitting in the middle of a hanger with parts, oil, and engines sitting all around it... then theres Damon sitting there picking his nose while wondering how the fuck to put it back together...

Wait, then we get Damon back... I dunno wether to laugh, cry, or dance....

Hmm.. the fact that you don't have to go out and *build* your character on this MOO is actually, to me, one of its most appealing aspects. It means you can spend your time roleplaying, instead. I've played plenty of MUDs and the like where the entire point of the game seems to be leveling and gaining skills and abilities... even when the admins would try to make them ic enforced, the rp was weak, because the code just plain didn't center around it- I'm not saying the automatic ue assigning and need to practice skills and stats in certain areas would do that, but it sort of sounds ominous to me.

Just my .4 chyen.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Damon in the air force... Just pray we don't go to war, i don't know what side he would be on. ;)
Umm, Damon...fuck every body we are experiancing a little turbulance, stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye, and thank Damon.  For the library, you not gonna learn how to be faster or shoot better at a library.  You could learn how to shoot, or run, but not do it well.  But, yoiu could learn how to hack a computer, or crack a lock real well.  some things you could learn, like systems, stock market, law, some piloting, explosives, programming, chemical.  Those are all skills that could be easily learned from HOURS of studying, but you would have to know what your looking for.  You don't go in a library and 'study'.  You find a book on law and then 'study law'.  But in order to understand the book, you need minimal knowledge in that area right?  There's my three cents...
As far as learning directly from a book is concerned...that is true in most respects....for some people...but certainly not in all respects for all people.  I for one know I can sit and read a book on a new programming language until my eyes turn red but without sitting down at a computer with a compiler, I won't learn much more than the basic concepts and data types used.  Someone could write a book trying to explain how to hack a corporate system as much as they want but without sitting down and trying, you won't fully understand what they're referring to in each aspect.  One of the many reasons why the library was cock doodoo.  On a related note, you certainly shouldn't learn anything by setting an idle ticker while sitting in a cube/coffin/apartment all day and soon you will not....or not to any great degree anyway.
Library would work in conjuction with the other places... Learn some basics, then goto a computer in the back to work on programming for example. After reading, you get slightly more experience put into programming for the time you do it... or i'm just rambling again.Lena