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The Great Chic Debate
Conflict between Attractiveness & Clothing scores

Continuing from

Background: Chic+ clothing score covers up attractiveness adjective, which causes conflicting goals of Charisma investment vs. Clothing Score investment.

Idea: What if the cover-up scaled per clothing level?

For example...

Well-dressed: Hides Good-looking adjective only.

Chic: Hides Attractive & Good-looking.

Whatever's 1 above Chic: Hides Winsome, Attractive & Good-looking


This way, your clothing score has to meet a threshold for disguising purposes, plus people who have invested UE into Charisma don't see their outward investment disappeared.

You are making assumptions about how these descriptors are arrayed in relation to each other that aren't necessarily true. Different characters also have different ability to tell things about clothing, so you may be short information.
What do you propose then?