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The First Limb is Free
Sever them all and Saedor Krupp sort'em out

With the current cybernetic market in need of flooding with cyber limbs and apprehension to engage in body modification at times, I think we should initiate the "First Limb is Free" initiative. Is this initiative for free limbs? No, much worst.

IF you possess all your limbs, when you are rendered unconscious - there should be a 1/8 (or highly probable) chance of that final blow severing a limb.

Once you have experienced limb loss, this should return to the current level of rare AF requiring high skill/stats to execute in combat.

The result would thrust a ton of cybernetic work and limbs into the market.


I'm all for more longer-term, higher-impact medical effects as a result of combat, personally.

Just as long as it doesn't wind up being a random proc for only swords or axes, melee weapons in general.

There's already a fairly significant chance to sever a limb in combat. Since it being implemented, I've seen it happen in at least 25% of all fights I have witnessed or participated in with big sharp things. I don't think it needs to be more common.
Having intimate knowledge of the systems at play, I would disagree with the idea of enforcing this sort of thing. Not just for the player loosing a limb, but also the players that may inadvertently remove a limb without meaning too.

This aside, the process involved of getting one and the prerequisites for some can be unfair, especially those early to the game.

More over, the cyberdocs work for that sort of thing is incredibly unrewarding for the most part.

I like having more cyberware out there especially for cyberpunk style body modifications. But Sindome for the most part appears to be rather opposed to the idea of cosmetic cybernetics from the ground up if you look at the systems and economy from the ground up. WHICH IS FINE, I hasten to add, chasing after that sort of thing is a big choice and socially frowned upon like some might 20 years with people who have extreme body modifications

This may be a hot take, but I really just want to see more visible chrome around the city so I am gonna say it. I like the first limb is free statement, but I think it should count towards PDS. The first cyberlimb you have does not count towards the PDS cap. We can say that the prevalence of cybernetics has normalized it enough to where that first one doesn't panic your brain as much anymore.
I'd love this- IF we had a better and more robust medical system, but currently there's not much to it.
I think cyberlimb prices should be lowered under 5000c and then cyberdocs should install them at cost as a part of their jobs when they are replacing a severed part. Cosmetic limbs and faces should be done at the select clinics who offer it for the cost + fee.

It would make losing parts less catastrophic but still require RP.

My comment was not meant to detract from the suggestion btw, but rather to offer a solution for excessive monetary cost, especially to newer players. I'd like to see it less attractive for people want to off themselves entirely because they lost an arm just to entirely avoid the struggle.
I agree Papertiger BUT I think this is something better done by saturating the market with cybernetic limbs rather then lowering the cost straight-up.
I initially mentioned this in xooc but will propose it here since it's relevant(ish?) to the topic at hand: adding a toggled function like @lethal but for severing, to avoid any brutal accidents in spars or when trying to incapacitate a target rather than kill or maim them.