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Temporary Licenses for Pop-Pops!
Because why it be hard to get a purposefully disposable gun?

A thought brought up during a discussion.

Pop-Pops, by nature, are meant to be disposable, but are currently licensed as if they are not. Outside of the vague themely nature of a disposable gun, they are rarely ever used in their intended niche of 'a disposable gun for self-defence!'.

Enter some kind of temporary license and/or Pop-Pop vending machines that link a certain Pop-Pop to a certain person like a license does, but allows the average person (or corporate citizen or whatever parameters) to purchase one for self defense and that when it is emptied or trashed, it is removed.

The idea in general being to give Pop-Pops a more purposeful use in Withmore and also promoting firearm use domewide given that they will now be easily obtainable, with the downsides of being linked to you and being disposable.

Corporates could buy Pop-Pops for self-defense. Maybe you just came out the vat and are paranoid, slot some chyen in a vending machine for a Pop-Pop to protect you on the long walk to Red.


I like the idea of them being exclusively issued by the Armory after a required safety class. Naturally, this would only be done by the referral of Corporate Security Manager or Judge and for a nominal fee.
+1 on this idea.
These are meant to be illicitly acquired, not vended. A license, nor selling them openly, is not something we intend to do.
I suspect most corporate citizens in good standing can get approved for a 6mm license for self-defense fairly easily, especially if they present that they have already had some safety training from the Armory or a corpsec division. There may be an audit scene but from what I understand the bar of scrutiny is far less for corpcits.
Not to sidetrack into a why is there totalitarian gun control in a cyberpunk game 99 theses, but having gun licensing restricted only to higher calibers (3rd tier and up?) and leaving the rest to the anarcho-corporate free market, with all the kids are running around with Curse Cat branded Glocks, would be pretty cryo.
Gun control is stupid across the board and I'm pretty much convinced it's to deincentivize using them. PopPops would be cool, but we're never gonna get them in a disposable fashion as they're described.
As maybe one of the only people who has used something like 10+ PopPops as disposable weapons, they're an incredibly niche purchase for most people. They're also incredibly useful for a minority in a position to take advantage of the benefits. I don't think corporates should be using PopPops on the whole, considering the Seburo is right there and is probably one of the most corporate guns out there.