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Tattoos leaving wounds
That hurt like a motherbaka

Even in 22nd century, tattooing is a messy business. While the fluff says SkinWriters use gene-binding ink so that clones come out with fresh ink and that it never fades with time, it is still going down several layers of skin to inject foreign matter into your body. There's absolutely blood and ink spillage, and coupled with some of the more sensitive areas being worked on, it can lead to some truly ghoulish scenes. (Which I believe is already one of the ambient messages under certain skill/stat level.)

Right now, having a high skill with tattoos guarantee that tattoos are done in less than a minute with the snap of a finger. I feel like this detracts heavily from RP potential, and there should be a better solution to reward artistry toons with high skill and stat investment.

I propose that time to work a tattoo is universal or doesn't scale as steeply as it is right now; instead, we should have chances to inflict wounds depending on how bad the artist is, akin to cybernetic surgeries.

Letting the tattoo set in and heal is also a huge part of tattoo culture; and if the tattooed character spends time being dirty or have the area covered in clothes for too long before the tattoo is healed, the tattoo being mangled would be fairly interesting too, as it would add another layer of fluff and risk management to tattoos.

Anyway, that's all. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

I like the idea of lowering the curve on time on the table and making tattoos take longer. I think wounds might be a little kill though. As far as pain and such that is really on the player to RP correctly. I try my best to act like that part of my characters body is painful for a couple days and sensitive for a bit longer after. I think that is enough. Plus. Healing rates lead to wounds fixing pretty quick anyway if you just go take a nap. So I don't think including wounds would really do anything to fix that RP from players who don't do it.
A useful philosophical razor for coded mechanisms is: Can this be accomplished equally well or better through player role-play?