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Taking pictures of specific bodyparts
You wanna take a picture of your what now?

Cameras should have the ability to take pictures of very specific body parts and @nakeds, without taking a picture of the full individual. The reasons I can see this being used are:

>Censoring gruesome details from a body horrifically disfigured, where an IDable mark (Tattoo, birthmark etc) can be found on one @naked

>Having a means of keeping a specific thing on visual record, to help keep track of someone who may change their appearance a lot, or someone who may be masking their appearance. (Shoulda covered your ink, baka)

>Ransoms. I'll leave that one to your imagination.

>Tattoo artists being able to catalogue their very specifically located tattoos, without taking a full body picture. (Why am I looking at Joebaka's entire body when the ink is on the back of his left thigh? I ain't reading this!)

Of course, these are just 3 obvious ones I can think of, but there's a lot of other possibilities I can see this being used for. Get creative.

I'm unsure how we'd syntax it but I imagine it would be something like:

Shoot with

Or some variation of this.


Literally what this will be used for in 95% of use cases.

Taking pictures of @nakeds essentially? Yeah like the last guy said, it's gonna be nothing but @nakeds of groins and tits.
I think the odd groin picture isn't going to be awful tbh. People said the same thing with the expose command, we had people exposing groin everywhere for a week and it stopped after that.

The RP value outweighs seeing a dick or two for a bit.