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Tailoring clothes horse
See how clothing looks in progress

I would love to be able to buy a piece of furniture along the lines of a clothes horse. This would be a dummy with some generic nakeds that would 'wear' UNFINALIZED clothes you put on it, covering the appropriate nakeds and displaying as it would upon a person.

The clothes horse could also perhaps let you set its gender in order to better visualize pronoun variables.

And because you're putting non-finalized clothes on it, you're able to tweak an entire ensemble together as opposed to having to bounce between the messages elsewhere to try and piece it together.

Pure genius, and super useful. Thumbs up.
I'd really like if something like this exists, if the staff feels like it'd be too good then make it obscenely expensive if need be. Hell, that might even push topside tailors to have a clothing advantage over Mixers, which would be cool.
I love this idea. +1
I'd really like to be able to just wear unfinished clothes outright for the same purpose, or have someone try them on before finalizing since how they integrate into nakeds/other clothes is often a big part of custom design. I've made a fair amount of my own clothes and fitting them on myself or someone else is typical before finishing them up.

Maybe unfinished clothes could just prevent you from moving and not alter your shortdesc or something so that people wouldn't walk around in them before @finalizing.

topside tailors to have a clothing advantage over Mixers, which would be cool

It wouldn't really be an IC advantage, but it'd still be cool.

What self respecting Corpie would be caught dead going to a tailoring studio where they couldn't see the duds modeled.

I like the idea that the clothing horse is an installed, immobile furniture. This could lead to tailors needing a studio to show off their clothes, which would create stratification between successful and aspiring tailors as well as signalling which PCs are rich and ripe for mugging.
This kind of already exists, in topside clothing stores but its not commercially available for players. Code-wise it should be possible.

I really hope this is implemented!