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Tailored Socials
Pimp my greetings

While I'm on a BGBB binge...

Idea that's been floating around my head since the socials customisation came out, wouldn't it be really convenient to have slots for a couple of fully custom socials?

Rather than having to type:

".stroke Bob gracefully with my toes"

Every time I meet Bob or one of my other chums, I could just:

"toe Bob"

For the same effect.

Would probably encourage a lot more variety in greetings/goodbyes than the usual casual nods and nonchalant waves that dominate the pleasantries scene in Withmore.

Don't think macros would work for this because it would need pronoun replacers in there like %N, %D, %p, etc?

Correct, incorrect, delusional?

I like the idea of this, but would it cause any issues like using memory or anything? (Im am ignorant of the way the MOO physically works.)
Yeah it might be a bit large, but it would be pretty badass. For non targeted ones you could just macro, if nothing else.


You pull off your footwear and waggle your toe about weirdly.

Hah, yeah, I have no idea how it would impact on the server, don't see why it would be any worse than a couple of macros though if we had maybe two or three slots each.
Did have a couple of further thoughts about this:

Firstly, I don't expect the server-space issue would really be a problem, it would literally be like having two free clothing tease messages per person I think... and there is a crap ton of fully decked out clothing out there. (clueless non-coder immy here, might just be wrong)

Secondly, it would probably make sense to have your couple of slots linked to a specific trigger to avoid conflict with pre-existing commands, e.g. 'greet' and 'adios', you just set the message to your liking, then go around 'greet bob' and 'adios bob'-ing to your heart's content.

Increase Charisma, unlock more custom social slots. 😁