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Tailing -people-

Currently the tail command does not allow for the tailing of an individual. There was a brief discussion if that was the intention or not on XOOC as the feature is not 'complete' currently, I'm moving it here to reference.

I believe Tailing not only -should- be allowed for people, but it is the prime use of it. Tailing a vehicle that is passing you is already effectively a fully manual operation, as there simply is not enough time to type the command usually.

Tailing a character on the other hand automates something that is trivial to do even manually, simply removing the propensity for typos to disrupt you. Additionally, there are edge cases where a player -is- a vehicle when using a certain item.

Finishing the code in this fashion would also open it up utility wise to be used by drones to track criminals.

I think people need a more pedestrian way to harm/hinder vehicles before they’re allowed to tail them. Vehicles are naturally faster than PC’s as it stands - you just need to do the work manually.
Have to agree with Reefer.

I'm getting to the point of having a vein pop out of my forehead whenever I think about vehicles as-is. I really don't want any more enhancements to them until we can codedly blow them up and/or rip people out of them.


You codedly can rip people out of them right now.

I'm not talking about motorcycles.

Or people willingly unlocking their doors for you to kill them.

I'm talking about your mortal enemy following you around in car and there not being a damn thing you can do about it sans running and hiding someplace indoors.

You can codedly get someone unwilling out of any vehicle right now as the game is.
I apologize if I missed this patch, I've not been around quite as much recently, but you can pull people out of locked cars now?
If you have to correct skills and tools you can get into any vehicle to get at the occupants. You can even disable the vehicle from escaping fairly easily.
Look, I don't want to go into details here, but that's a pretty rare scenario you're describing.

I'll post some additional thought in the other thread discussing issues as related to vehicles.

I would not recommend giving more automation tools to drones. They are quietly one of the strongest tools in the game, they're just extremely hard to use to full potential because they rely significantly on player, rather than character, skill.