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Tagging stickers
Because we all want a cowboy progias!

As I keep fumbling multiple phones and dealing with the nightmare of suddenly having to answer one of them I had a simple idea that would be nice QoL improvement and very IC. The addition of small stickers we can stick on stuff, and then call said items by those stickers.

Could be done by some sticker-printing machine (I think there is something like that in already?) that will print out, well, stickers you can then stick on items. For example if you print out "cowboy" sticker and glue it onto progia-7, then it will show as "progia-7 with cowboy sticker" and you can do hold/drop/etc cowboy progia-7 to get right to that one.

I think it's a nice IC way to handle the little issue that comes with item multiples, using progia as it's probably most common item to run into that issue with. This could even be taken further with various materials and quality of stickers, from cheap basic color squares on paper that fades away after few IC weeks, to water-resistant laminated full-blown 3-D designed ones.

Alternatively, as a smaller impact implementation, they could be simply added to when you look at items. Would still help substantially to figure out what is what.
I believe stickers in there current capacity would have the desired impact for your second post wherein they could be seen when the object is looked at.
Yessss +1 I wanna trick out my liteterm with nerdy stickers
+1 It drives me nuts when I can't get the right phone or something and I think stickers could use more utility.
+1 To this, seems very themely (whether the multiple thing should be implemented is up to those more clued than me)